“The government and the medical fraternity will have you believe that cannabis is a dangerous substance that needs to be heavily controlled. They will have you believe that doctors are the only qualified persons able to safely prescribe this. They … Continue reading

Cancer, Chronic Conditions & Cannabis Oil: THC vs CBD’s

Cancer vs Chronic Conditions

More and more people are looking into cannabis oil to treat their chronic conditions and while there is a lot of information on the web these days – it can get confusing fast! The question I get asked the most these days … Continue reading

How Cigarettes Kill Your Will to Live – the knock-on effect

As a modern smoker it’s impossible to be ignorant of the ill-effects smoking has on your health. It’s impossible to ignore the slow and insidious loss of breath, the onset of bad circulation and always, at the very back of … Continue reading

Quitting Smoking – Be One of the Lucky Ones!

Quitting cigarettes has been one of the hardest and most amazing parts of my life’s journey so far. It has taught me more about myself and the nature of addiction than any other single thing in my life. I began … Continue reading