“The government and the medical fraternity will have you believe that cannabis is a dangerous substance that needs to be heavily controlled. They will have you believe that doctors are the only qualified persons able to safely prescribe this. They … Continue reading

Cannabis Oil : Everything you need to know – Dosage Methods, Side Effects and Over-dosing

 I often get queries from people who are taking cannabis oil who are uncertain about the dosage. The two main extremes are folk who have been on a grain of rice once a day for three months but can’t understand … Continue reading

Oil: The Surprising Secret Weapon for Fighting Adult Acne

-By Kirsten Ma: Esthetician and Ayurvedic Practitioner After a decade of battling breakouts and another helping clients battle adult acne, I’ve found that the best weapon against blemishes is oil. Yes, you read that right: Oil. Precisely what many of … Continue reading

All Natural Headache Cure

Now, this may be old news for some, but I’ve only recently been introduced to the wonders of the Feverfew plant and I am impressed! Used for the prevention of migraines and headaches, arthritis, fevers, muscle tension and pain, Feverfew … Continue reading