About Kitchen Cures

I was overweight, unfit, a smoker and I’d just been diagnosed with breast cancer- I felt old, tired and depressed.

Fast forward one year and I’m now 20 kgs lighter, a non-smoker who is fit, cancer free and who hasn’t felt this good in years!

I did this all naturally, without any conventional ‘medicine’, using a combination of  knowledge, common sense and at times, courage.


This blog aims at sharing knowledge on natural methods of healing, how to apply them to your everyday life and the knowledge to confidently use your own kitchen cures to reclaim your health and begin your journey towards accessing your true inner strength.

9 thoughts on “About Kitchen Cures

  1. Hello. I am a 71 year old male hemiplegic – the left side of my body is partially paralysed due to nerve damage. The condition causes muscle spasms and chronic pain. First thing each morning I have to take pain pills in order to cope with the day. I’ve seen much on the internet praising the effectiveness of cannabis oil (and recently MP Ambrosini’s appeal) in treating many ailments. Is it beneficial in cases of neural damage and pain relief? What kind of dosage is required? When is it best taken? Is cannabis most effective as oil, smoked or eaten?
    Best wishes, Frank.

    • Hi Frank,
      The oil is best eaten as smoking it can destroy the CBD’s your body needs and the dosage would depend on what you are using it for. In most cases you start small (half a grain of rice) and increase the dose over a period of days and weeks. I’m not sure how it works for neurological disorders but I know that there have been wonderful results regarding pain management -either way it’s worth a try!

  2. Hi Kellzzy.
    Thanks for your advice. I will investigate further. This morning was rough! Funny, having to start looking for drug dealers at my age. Hilarious!
    Cheers. Frank.

  3. Hi there, I have just found your site. I have stage IV metastic breast cancer and have had chemo and radiation. I have been on aromasin and I am now on Tamoplex. I am very interested in making some oil but still feel too scared to stop the Tampolex. Can I take the oil at the same time? Thanks

    • It seems to be fine to take the oil while doing chemo. My only reservation is that where thee oil boosts your immune system, the chemo attacks it. So taking the oil can reduce the damage done to you by the chemo but ultimately the chemo works against the oil. Consider suspending the chemo in favour of the oil for a few months and see what happens.

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