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  1. You fasted for 40 days only on water? Didn’t that leave you malnourished and sick from no food? Your story tickled me and inspired me. Happy for you!

    • Hi Juanita,
      Yes, I fasted on water only for 40 days – but I did a whole bunch of reading into it before and during and I added homemade broth stock to my water once a day from about 2 weeks, as I had read that water only is not good for the kidneys, so the broth was to assist with that.

      I did feel ill in the first week when I woke up, I think low blood sugar, and then I would have a little bit of apple juice diluted in water and that sorted me right out, but I didn’t need to do that from about day 6.

      As for being malnourished, I was quite overweight when I did it and so my body had more than enough to survive on while I fasted, but I paid close attention to myself and obviously used common sense too.

      I’m so glad you enjoyed my story and that you are feeling inspired – just remember, you can achieve anything you put your mind to!

  2. Hi Kellzzy, I admire your strength, not many like you around these days! Congrats on your achievement, I also have a problem I need to solve but find it very hard to get the right goods in Cape Town, any recommendations from your side?

    • Hi Pierre, try laboratory suppliers – in Durban there is a company called Laboratory and Analytical supplies in Umbilo road.
      Their number is: 031 306 0899

  3. Thank you so much for your interesting article I have learnt so much from reading it pleae can you tell me what is the quantity dosage comes in

    • Hi Pat,
      It all depends on who your supplier is – some sell in 5ml or 10ml syringes and others will give you capsules for the month. If you would like to be put in contact with reputable suppliers send me an email.

  4. Hi Kelly.
    My mom has been diagnosed with breast cancer I her left breast. Tumor about 5cm and oncologist recommends radiation to reduce the tumor before doing chemo and mastectomy. She is currently on a plant based and veggie eating plan as well as using cannibas oil. Based on your article we’re not sure how much oil she should be taking per day. At the moment we are giving her size of a rice grain at night. Should we up the dosage and how many times per day should she take this. Or maybe I should ask how many times per day did you take it and for how long? You assistance in this regard is highly appreciated. Kind regards Cher

    • Hi Cher
      She should be increasing her dosage every few days, or if her tolerance is low, once a week. She needs to aim at taking about 1 ml of oil a day. (If cost is an issue let me know and I’ll send you the recipe for making it yourself) However, it can take up to 3 months to be able to take the full amount – it depends on your mother’s tolerance for the oil. If she is not working she should take during the day too – at lease once but morning and lunch if she is able – but it will be a smaller dose during the day. It does make you tired but remember it’s important to sleep while healing so she should try not to resist this. If she is unable to take during the day then she should consider using suppositories – this method doesn’t make you feel high but still fights the cancer.

      She should also be using oil with a THC:CBD ratio of between 1:1 to 4:1 – if you are unsure about how to find this get in touch with me.

      Radiation: Tests have shown that cannabis works very well in conjunction with the radiation as it helps protect healthy cells from any damage.

      Chemo: Chemotherapy has been shown to be a very poor choice when dealing with breast cancer. Do some research here – find out the name of the chemotherapy they intend on giving her and Google it to see how effective it really is. Research and experience tells me this is the worst way to go. It not only weakens us physically but by weakening our immune system it allows the cancer to come back later and when the cancer returns it almost always returns more aggressively.

      The difference between Chemo and cannabis oil as treatments is that the chemo attacks your immune system and weakens you (sometimes to the point of death) and makes you susceptible to other issues – illness, infections, etc. Cannabis oil works by strengthening your immune system so that it is once again capable of destroying mutated cells effectively and efficiently – this is why people who use cannabis oil to heal their cancer very seldom have the cancer return and on the rare occasions it does, it is very seldom more aggressive than before.

      The cannabis oil also heals the liver and assists it in processing toxins out of the body, while chemo burdens the liver with more toxins and this can cause permanent damage.

      Surgery – every single woman I’ve helped who has experienced a mastectomy in any form has deeply regretted having the surgery. Most of the women I’ve helped have come to me for help with treating depression as a result of the mastectomy. Please understand that this surgery leaves women disfigured and can cause all kinds of emotional problems.

      The cannabis oil will heal the tumor without disfiguring her or weakening her immune system. It strengthens our bodies and allows us to heal in so many different ways. I know the method of treatment she chooses is personal and I respect whatever choice she makes but I feel I would not be helping if I didn’t also warn you. Doctors are good at scaring people into using these methods and when we are scared we so want someone to come and fix us and make it all go away. But it doesn’t work like that. Doctors make mistakes, they can be callous and they can be arrogant and almost everyone I’ve ever dealt with has said the same thing to me…..I wish I had tried the oil first.

      Chemo, surgery and radiation are available to you at any point but they should be a last resort not the first port of call – please ask your mom to consider using the cannabis oil first.

  5. Hi Kelly.

    Thanks so much in your prompt response. I had a chat with her Oncologist today as they want to start her on Chemo by Friday.

    I’m also of the opinion that increasing the dosage per day should happen soonest as she has stage 3 cancer. She has been cleared of bone, liver and lung. So it’s only confined to her left breast. Oncologist says it’s Infiltrating ductal cancer.

    Please send me the recipe on making the cannibas oil as well as a reputable supplier for the suppositories.

    You mentioned she should also be using oil with a THC:CBD ratio of between 1:1 to 4:1 .

    I’m not sure where I can purchase this. Please provide me with details as well please. Then I need to know whether you have a very specific diet/plan which can be followed in terms of veggies and fruit she should be eating during this healing process.

    Thanks once again for your assistance thus far. I’m really positive that this will work! Extremely Grateful


    • Hi Cher,
      I will send you an email regarding the contacts for the oil. For a recipe for making the oil I’ve put two links below. The first one is for making concentrate ‘black’ oil and the second is for coconut infused oil. I’ve also put a link for Royal Vodka – in the recipe it uses isopropyl alcohol but it’s better to use a food grade solvent – rather use ethanol (if you can find it) or Royal Vodka (96%).
      I have a contact for the suppositories too but you can also make these yourself.
      For how to make your own cannabis concentrate oil go to:
      For how to make your own cannabis infused coconut oil go to:
      Royal Vodka –

      With regards to diet, it’s very simple – no meat, no sugar, no processed carbs. Lots of green foods, raw, juiced or as soups. Soups are a good way to get nutrients without taxing the body. Include bone broth in the diet too. Fruits are fine in moderation and raw honey can be used as a substitute for sugar. Cut down/out dairy.
      No alcohol, no coffee, no sugary soda drinks, no fruit juice – WATER and lots of it! Rooibos tea and dandelion tea are good for cleansing the liver and assisting with removing toxins from the body.

      Fasting is also a good way of assisting the body- your mom can look into intermittent fasting or mono fasting as a gentler fasting method.

  6. Hi Kelly

    Thank you for the great work you’re doing to help others during difficult times. May God bless you for your good heart.

    My dad has been diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic prostate cancer. Doctors have told us to give him palliative care at home as there is nothing they can do to treat him. I’ve been stressing a lot looking for different options on the internet to help him get better.

    I’m currently looking at the option of using CBD Oil to try and fight the disease. Would you kindly suggest good suppliers of CBD Oil especially that will be effective for his condition.

    I have also started to put him on a healthy diet routine.

    Thanking you in advance.


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