Alcohol and Cannabis: What Are The Energetic Differences?

Alcohol and cannabis are the two most popular mind-altering substances used in our society today. Why these two? And why do some people choose alcohol while others prefer cannabis? In the following article I explore the difference between Alcohol and Cannabis on an energetic level.

Male and Female Energies

We all have both male and female energies within us. A woman can have male energetic traits and men can have female energetic traits so when I speak about male or female energy, I’m talking about how those energies manifest, rather than speaking about a gender specific influence.

Male Energy: Male energy is all about an outward perspective. An easy way to understand this is that male energy, like the penis that thrusts outwards, is focused on the outer world – it is curious and explorative. Male energy looks at the outer world and sees ways to order the chaos, implement systems and create efficiency and flow. Male energy is often manifested as curiosity, confidence, strength, passion, protection and ordering of the outer realms. These traits are neither ‘good’ nor ‘bad’ but simply the way the energy manifests.However, as with all energies, there is balance and then there are extremes. When the male energy is out of balance then these attributes manifest in unhealthy ways. Confidence manifests as arrogance; the energy of strength comes out in the form of brutality; the protective energy presents as possessiveness and ordering the outer world manifests as a need to dominate those around us.

Female Energy: Female energy is all about going within. In the same way that the female opens herself to allow the penis to penetrate deep inside her, so these female energies speak of vulnerability, opening yourself up to possibility, retreating from the outer world and going within. Female energy looks at the inner world and recognizes the chaos within as raw creativity.

When these female energies are out of balance they also manifest in extremes. The need to go within and question can lead to crippling self-doubt, depression and retreating from the outer world completely. The energy of nurturing, when in the extreme, manifests as smothering; and the creative powers manifest as destructive forces, hurting and damaging those around you instead of building and developing them.

Alcohol: Alcohol possess the elements of masculine energy – as seen by how it manifests in our behavior. When we drink alcohol we are filled with outward energy. On alcohol we want to venture out into the world- we want to party, we want to socialize, we feel confident; we feel powerful and we are certain of ourselves.

Cannabis: Cannabis has the female energetic elements that manifest in a desire to stay within. On cannabis we want to stay at home in a familiar and safe environment, we want to create, to spit-ball ideas, to question things about ourselves or our relationship to our world. Cannabis allows us to open ourselves to the shadow-lands of doubt and encourages us to question that which always seemed certain.

Both these substances have a role to play in our society: When life’s been hard and the weight of the world starts to feel unbearable, alcohol can help us to shake that off, it encourages us to blow off steam, it helps us forget the stresses of the day and allows us to leave our problems behind for a while.

In the same way, cannabis helps us to relax to a point where we can laugh, it draws us deeper inside ourselves and inspires us to view our world from an inward perspective. It allows us to become vulnerable enough to question ourselves. It allows us to recognise that meaningful change comes from within.

In Excess

Alcohol in excess, can be used to avoid facing our problems, to avoid reality and to remain in denial. Alcohol is all about confidence and certainty and there is no place for questioning ourselves when we are in excess of these emotions. Anyone who has ever tried to get an alcoholic to admit that they have a problem will know how strong the power of denial can be! This denial is a result of the male energetic influence of alcohol on our own body- male energy doesn’t go within, it thrusts outward for answers and often this can manifest as blame and anger. This is an outward way of dealing with a problem – instead of exploring ourselves for the answers, we immediately assume it is  the outside world causing our issues. With this assumption often comes a sense of feeling victimized by the world: When the problems are out there, they are beyond our control, unless we try to dominate our environment, and if we fail at dominating our surroundings, we feel victimized. This is why so many alcoholics and people who drink excessively tend to believe they are ‘helpless victims of circumstance’.

Too much cannabis also leads to problems. In excess it can cause an extreme sense of vulnerability that manifests as paranoia, the self-questioning can become crippling self-doubt and the need to go within and retreat can often manifest as extreme reclusiveness, lack of self-confidence, disorganisation and a lack of motivation.

For a person who is already in excess of one of these energies, choosing the wrong substance can send you to the extremes. A person who has denied their feminine energy and who drinks alcohol regularly will get aggressive when they drink, become boastful, domineering and will disrespect boundaries.

A person who is already in excess of the feminine energies and chooses cannabis is likely to experience debilitating procrastination, extreme self-doubt, paranoia, and even depression. They tend to get lost in the world within becoming overly focused on their doubts and fears.

Often when a person has an excess of either male or female energy they tend to prefer the substance that already resonates with them – so those with an excess of male energy prefer to drink alcohol as this allows them to feel those energies more powerfully. A person with excess female energy will tend to choose cannabis as this provides them with a chance to feel creative, introspective and allows them to shut the world out.

A person who is dominated by male energies will feel deeply uncomfortable using cannabis. The effects of feeling vulnerable would be deeply unsettling for someone unused to this sensation. The self-questioning is often too much for them and they tend to try shutting it out and either begin drinking alcohol again or go to sleep until the effects are gone.

For those more in tune with the feminine energies drinking alcohol makes them feel out of control and they tend to be uncomfortable with its bombastic effects.

The Perversion of The Masculine Energy

Male energy often gets a bad rap because we see the  wars, the pillaging of the land and the over-sexualisation of our modern world as examples of male energy. However, these are only the symptoms of unbalanced energies rather than because male energy is somehow inherently bad. Balanced male energy is a beneficial force to this world and will help to heal the damage we have already caused.

It’s no secret that Western culture worships the male energies to the exclusion of feminine energies but in our modern age, we have come to worship extreme forms of masculine energy and this has resulted in an extremely unbalanced society that is heavily dominated by these twisted male energies.

This obsession with masculine traits created violent and culturally destructive empires like Rome, Spain, England and now the USA and has resulted in harmful practices like colonization, slavery and destruction of ethnic cultures as well as the plundering of our natural resources. As a result we have built a civilization that is so one-sided in it’s male perspective that it can only be described as perverse.

This obsession with masculine traits created violent and culturally destructive empires

Colonisation is an example of the energy of outward male curiosity being twisted into the extreme energy of domination of others. Had we been balanced in our male and female energies we would still have explored foreign shores but when encountering others we would have sought understanding and been open to learning from those others rather than trying to crush and enslave them on contact.

We see this perversion play out in our culture everyday: women are no longer revered for being nurtures, giver’s of life and creators but are reduced to sexual objects purely for men’s satisfaction and enjoyment; we see breastfeeding in public becoming a big no-no because it might interfere with people’s sexual fantasies; our language reflects this too and so men who identify with gentler, more artistic feminine energies are shamed and labelled “pussy” or “bitch” and if you really want to insult someone you call them a “mother-fucker” or a “cunt”. In our society the feminine is an insult, something to be used and abused, belittled and discarded.

Male energy seeks order but in it’s current, extreme form, it forces us to to be all the same. This plays out in our adult life as people are segregated into neat, ordered cubicles in their offices. Everyone starts work at the same time. Everyone takes lunch at the same time. Everyone finishes work at the same time. Everyone goes on holiday at the same time. Priority is given to orderliness and efficiency and the unbalanced male energy assumes those who don’t fit into this system are ‘weak’ and ‘useless’ and these people are disposed of as quickly as possible.

Western medicine mirrors this too. The Western mind assumes the cure will be an outside intervention like a pill, surgery, radiation, etc rather than something we can achieve from within ourselves with the right changes or approaches.

Vaccines are the epitome of the masculine energetic influence on healthcare – the needle is a phallus that is inserted into our body in order to inseminates us with a foreign liquid. In the same way, mandatory or forced vaccinations are an example of the extreme male energy – mandatory vaccines are a form of assault, forcefully and painfully inserting something into someone else against their will.

In a world where male and female energies are both respected we would never dream of forcing people to do things against their will – even if we believed it was for their own health. We would instead hear their concerns, take time to understand their reasoning and find a solution that wouldn’t infringe on anyone’s rights over their own body.

Restoring Balance

While cannabis and it’s users were persecuted throughout the world, alcohol has been available legally. Alcohol has been pushed onto us to the point that we are considered weird if we don’t drink it. Alcohol has been the only drug legally available to our society for decades and its abundance has manifested in an abundance of masculine energy which has further aggravated our own disharmony.

However, cannabis seems to provide us with the necessary balance. It encourages people to step out of the daily rush, to slow down and to nourish themselves with rest, water and food. As more and more people have started using cannabis to relax or as medicine, so more and more people are allowing themselves to be influenced by this feminine energy and, one by one, we are naturally beginning to bring our own male and female energies back into balance.

As more people open themselves up to the amazing power of vulnerability, so we start question this over-regulated, male-dominant world that we have created. The cannabis plant awakens our own inner-authority  and we start to pick apart society’s expectations of us and to see ourselves as complete beings with both male and female energies swirling and manifesting through us.

As more people learn to embrace their feminine energies there is a ripple effect as these energies are expressed in our lives. Examples of this are seen by those choosing to discard the Western medical system in favor of healing themselves . It is seen by those choosing to venture out on their own rather than join the regular nine-to-five office slog. It is expressed by those who choose to home-school their children rather than send them to be homogenized by the education system. It is seen by those challenging prohibition.

By integrating our feminine and masculine energies we emerge stronger, more creative and more powerful. We are able to stand firm in our truth and be confident in our own inner authority. Every day people are finding ways to change our current paradigm in favor of something more balanced and more in harmony with our world. With the help of cannabis, this effect is snowballing into a whole and healthy new world.

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