“The government and the medical fraternity will have you believe that cannabis is a dangerous substance that needs to be heavily controlled. They will have you believe that doctors are the only qualified persons able to safely prescribe this. They are lying.”

So, do you need a doctor to use Cannabis safely and effectively?

The short answer is: No, you don’t.

The long answer takes a bit more explaining.


I grew up with a mother who, although skeptical of certain pharmaceutical drugs, still sent me off to the doctors at the first sign of a sore throat. But then most mothers did, because that’s what all good moms did back then.

We grew up in a society that readily trusted the Western Medical Fraternity and believed doctors to be among the most intelligent people in our communities.

We trusted them so much we even forgave the fact that they stopped coming to our homes to check on us and started making us go to them, where we would all be gathered, the sick, frail and healthy alike, all in one room to await our 15 minutes of doctor face-time.

I say we ‘forgave’ this because we all know, including our clever doctors, that a good way to catch a disease is to hang out with sick people, so why would doctors, who claim to care for our health, force their patients out of their beds and into uncomfortable, germ-infested waiting rooms? Is it for convenience or for profit? One thing IS for sure – it’s certainly not in the best interests of their patients.

This is a simple example to highlight that Western Allopathic Medicine is all about the profit. In one move, doctors changed from being humble servants of the community to being businessmen running practices for as much profit as they can muster. These days, many people choose to study medicine precisely because of the status and financial reward it offers rather than because of a calling towards healing.

Because doctors have to adhere to strict pharmaceutical rules in order to be allowed to practice medicine, they are not encouraged to be independent thinkers. They are taught enough to help them diagnose the problem and then they refer to their pharmaceutical bibles and prescribe the relevant drugs to ‘treat’ your problem. They often don’t consider if these drugs will interact negatively with other drugs you are taking, they seldom consider if these drugs will cause issues related to past problems you’ve experienced and they almost never know what the ingredients or side-effects of the drugs they are prescribing contain. They have 15 mins to give you and a waiting room full of sick people, this is the best that this particular system allows.

The doctor, as a businessman, is also sent sales representatives from the pharmaceutical companies. Sales reps are selling, that’s their primary goal – so they will gloss over all side-effects, perhaps not even mention them at all. Their job is to sell, not to educate. Do doctors do independent research after the rep leaves? It’s unlikely. They have a room full of sick people and time is money, so they prescribes drugs based on the sales pitch and little else.


While this is going on, people are getting sicker and sicker. Food, life-style, stress are all contributing to a world-wide epidemic of cancers. I, myself, was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 34 – too young! But it’s becoming more and more common among younger and younger people.

In the past, doctors prescribed surgery, radiation or chemotherapy. Just those three. Not diet changes. Not life-style changes. No natural alternatives. Just cut, burn or poison. And people died. Getting cancer was pretty much a death sentence but even if you did survive, you would likely have to suffer through one, if not all of the three choices offered to you. More than likely you would die anyway.

When my grandpa was diagnosed with cancer, it was the doctors, not the disease that destroyed him. He was a fit, agile, quick-witted man with a wicked, dry sense of humour. But he was reduced to an aching shell of a man by Western medical practices. They cut him so many, many times. They burnt him. Sickened him. Weakened him. They robbed him of his dignity, his quick mind and by the end he was on so much morphine that he was lost to us long before he passed away.

When I was diagnosed with breast cancer, it was this experience that came to mind. I made a conscious decision not to rely on any doctors for my healing. I had seen what they were selling and I was not buying! I didn’t really know what I was going to do but I knew it would be a more natural approach.


When I watched Rick Simpson’s youtube video, Run From The Cure, I knew I had my answer. Cannabis oil made sense to me and it felt right. I asked a friend to help organize the plant material and, using the little information Simpson shared in his video, I set about making my own oil.

Cancer vs Chronic Conditions

At the same time as treating my cancer, I also helped an elderly family friend who had renal cancer, by providing him with oil. We both got the all-clear after about 8 months on the oil. Two people cured two different types of cancer without the help of any doctors.

I was so impressed with the oil that I decided to start this blog and share my success with everyone. I wanted everyone in South Africa to know that there was a way to save their loved ones, a way to save themselves, that didn’t involve torturing your body and destroying your health or your financial stability.

I shared my story as much as I could and then I shared my method. As a result I began getting a steady flow of emails from people all over the country wanting answers and advice about the oil. The plant had been so demonized in our culture that people were hesitant to trust it, especially not with their lives, but they were desperate and so they came asking.


As a result of this I have been privileged to witness other people overcoming or successfully managing an array of dis-eases. I say privileged because it really is incredible to watch people blossom into health – to begin living full lives again, to feel mentally and physically energized. These people take charge of their health and do amazing recoveries.

Through all these different experiences I would be asked one questions every time: “What do I tell my doctor?”

I wanted to say, “Nothing – they wont understand this” but I know that many people still believe that their health is dependent on a doctor’s intervention. So, instead I told everyone to tell their doctors, to be honest with them. I reminded people of doctor-patient confidentiality and reassured them that their doctors wouldn’t try and get them arrested. I felt it only fair to the doctors who were sincerely trying to help their patients that there be full disclosure.

However, I would also cautioned people not to be too disappointed if their doctors weren’t interested. Most people wouldn’t believe me. They would be so excited to share their success that they would be confident that not only would their doctor listen to them but that the doctor would be as excited as them about it. This was hardly ever the case.

In most cases the doctor would first admit to being impressed with the results and then the conversation would end there. Some doctors, painfully few, would ask their patients what they were doing differently but at the mention of cannabis their eyes would glaze and they would shut the conversation down.

And who could blame them? They were caught in a typical Catch 22 – they were supposed to be helping people by providing the best health advice but if they were found to be prescribing any medicine not endorsed by Big Pharma they could lose their license to practice medicine, so imagine what would happen if they were found talking about an illegal substance like cannabis?

I heard one or two stories about doctors sneaking the oil to sick patients in hospital and I was encouraged further when U.S. MD, Sanjay Gupta, spoke out about the benefits of cannabis but as more and more people told me the typical response, the more I began to realize how impotent and rigid our medical system is.

Even if doctors wanted to study the plant, they couldn’t because it’s illegal and so for the most part, doctors have buried their heads in the sand and carried on singing the party-line of: Cut! Burn! Poison!


While doctors were content to pretend like they offered patients the best options, the public were waking up. As more and more people successfully treated ailments, Facebook groups started up, blogs appeared and no one, not even Big Pharma with it’s billions, was able to stop the wildfire of curiosity and hope that started around this incredible plant.

As more areas legalized it’s use, so more studies could be done and before long we were finding out all kinds of new and exciting things about our endocannabinoid system and CBD’s. The Science was backing up what so many of us already knew and yet, it was still illegal and in the realms of the black market.

Dealing in the black market is risky for both the buyer and the seller. The seller has no way of of knowing if the buyer is who they say they are – they could be police. The buyer, in turn, has no way of knowing what quality product they are getting and many people are paying a lot of money for a poor quality oil.

The high cost is also a by-product of the plants illegal status. Because of the high risk involved to the oil makers and their families, they charge for that risk. In a world where cannabis medicine should be as cheap as chips, people are now paying between R350 and R1000 for 1ml of black oil. When you need about 60 mls for cancer treatment, this adds up real fast and many people simply can’t afford it.

With the groups on Facebook, word of mouth and organizations like The Bobby Greenhash Foundation, cannabis oil has become a household conversation and everyone is wondering if it will ever be legalized. People expected it to come from the doctors, because of its obvious medical value, only to find that organizations like Doctors for Life International were vehemently opposed to it being legalized…..unless under strict pharmaceutical control.


South Africa boasts the highest HIV rate in the world. My beautiful province, Kwa-Zulu Natal, has the highest HIV infection rate in the country which means that I live in one of the sickest places on earth.

I have lost people I loved dearly to this wretched disease. I have cried for friends who are struggling with it every day. My heart has broken for the children who’s parents are no more, who’s aunts and uncles are no more and whose futures have been jeopardized because of HIV.

So when a friend of mine with HIV became paralyzed down one side of her face as a result of the ARV’s, I stepped in. A cheeky and playful personality, she often made me laugh on days when I needed it the most but I had noticed that she had been getting weaker for some months already and I felt an urgency to help her. She comes from a very poor background, has only the basics in literacy and although she’s worked hard to improve her lot in life, she still lives in the local poverty-stricken township. I printed out a coconut oil method for her and because English is not her first language, I walked her through the making, how to dose herself and what the possible side-effects would feel like and then I left, hoping for the best.

I saw her again two months later and the transformation was amazing. Her colour was excellent, her face was back to normal and she was once again sporting that cheeky little smile of hers. She told me she had found a wild bush growing in her neighbourhood and had pulled it out, chopped the whole thing up and cooked it according to the recipe.

She said since she began using the oil she had slept better than she had in years, she said she felt stronger, she hadn’t got sick once since I’d last seen her and she hadn’t had any more strokes. Fast forward three years and she’s still doing great, she still uses the oil and she still manages to lift my spirits in her playful way.

My friend, with her nominal literacy is now successfully managing the symptoms of  her HIV with cannabis. If I can do it, if she can do it, anyone can do it!


In a country where poverty is rife and so are diseases like HIV, Diabetes, Arthritis and Cancer – cannabis oil can make all the difference to the sick and ailing.

I refuse to allow money be the reason that someone didn’t get the oil and so I’m passionate about freely distributing these life-saving recipes. If you make the oil yourself it costs much less. It’s a simple process with easy to find ingredients – there’s no reason why people can’t make it for themselves rather than relying on expensive distributors.

Also, the recent High Court ruling protecting our right to use Cannabis in the privacy of our own homes means that it is now safer to use this healing plant and you can even grow your own plants at home if you are sensible about it.


South Africa’s own government owns a pharmaceutical company that provides anti-retroviral drugs and is currently studying the opportunities of cannabis medicine. What’s wrong with that, you ask?

Well, when the government decided to make cannabis a schedule 1 drug, it was extremely beneficial to the big pharmaceutical companies but not really for us, since the rest of us are still prohibited to access it legally unless we get a doctors prescription.

This provides the legal groundwork to ensure these giant corporations have a secure monopoly over this life-saving plant. Our own South African government keeps it illegal to the average citizen in the street while at the same time awarding itself special licenses to grow the plant as medicine for profit.

When pharmaceutical companies make a drug they require it to be uniform in every way. One pill must be identical to another of the same making.

The problem with Cannabis is that one plant is different from another plant in how much THC, CBD’s, etc it produces. Two plants from the same strain and same mother plant can still be very different to one another.

So how does the pharmaceutical business counter this? Easy, they make a synthetic version – and just like that, it’s no longer a natural product.

Horror stories of people getting sick from using these synthetic version are on the increase and I personally would not recommend them to anyone for anything.


However, the passing of the bill that allowed cannabis to be used by pharmaceutical companies also highlighted a serious and urgent issue for the medical fraternity – the irony that doctors who had been prevented from learning anything about this plant were now being touted as the only ones allowed to prescribe it.

The government and the medical fraternity will have you believe that cannabis is a dangerous substance that needs to be heavily controlled. They will have you believe that doctors are the only qualified persons able to safely prescribe this. They are lying.

Cannabis has never killed a single person. Never. Although there are side-effects associated with it’s use, these are manageable, especially if you know what to expect. And yes, you can overdose on cannabis – but, although highly unpleasant, it is not a life-threatening event.

And while the government and it’s pharmaceutical partners colluded to keep the plant for their own profits, the rest of the country is already using this medicine, already treating themselves. There are now thousands of success stories online to substantiate this. People who use cannabis to heal themselves by themselves.


One of the most popular and easy ways to make the oil is either using alcohol or coconut oil. It’s cheap, it’s easy and they are both methods of whole-plant extract – that is to say, you extract everything from the plant rather than isolating and extracting only certain properties.

The more people who try to use only one aspect – either only CBD’s or only THC, the more it becomes clear that you need to use the whole plant.

The recipes I provide allow people to extract all the goodness – not just the CBD’s and THC but also the abundant chlorophyll and terpines available too. We already have the best method to make this medicine, we don’t need pharmaceutical companies to make it for us.


I know that for each person who chooses to make the medicine themselves, there will be a circle of family and friends that will benefit. As each person learns to do it for themselves, they are able to help heal others and teach others to do it for themselves and so the circle widens. It truly is the gift that keeps on giving.

For the recipe to make your own “black” concentrate oil go to:

For the recipe to make cannabis infused coconut oil go to:

For information on dosage an side-effects go to:

To join our Facebook Group, Cannabis Kitchen go to:

To help legalize cannabis in South Africa go to:


  1. Very informative blog, thx. I would like to elaborate on the motivation of our government to fight the recent court decision on the legalization of cannabis. Recent information and articles have emerged that conclusively shows that government and people related to it already have direct interest in monopolizing the cannabis industry. The first indicator was the revelation of the House of Hemp having a cannabis growing facility of long standing on Ports Authority grounds which is Tax exempt, and the medicinal products thus far sold for export only. Dr Thandeka Kunene is the owner with Dr Mamphela Ramphele as investment partner. They are supported by the CSIR, ARC, Eastern Cape Department of Economic Affairs, Eastern Cape Development Agency, Department of Science and Technology, DBSA, Department of Trade and Industry and the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries.

    The next link is the Canadian LGC Capital Partners deal with South African AfriAg to produce and export medical and recreational cannabis. AfriAg is owned by Paul de Robillard, a businessman with wide ranging interest, including being co-director with Edward Zuma and Yusuf Kajee at Amalgamated Tobacco Manufacturing that is is part of a SARS fraud investigation.
    The recent court decision also goes directly in the face of the intention of the Indigenous Knowledge Systems bill that is designed to award ownership and exclusivity of natural products and the knowledge related to it, through a licencing system, in the process sidestepping international protocol preventing the patenting on natural compounds.

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