How to Make Cannabis Infused Coconut Oil and Why it’s Awesome!

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Although I am a great supporter of the concentrated ‘black’ oil for a whole bunch of reasons, I have also seen the benefits of cannabis infused coconut oil first hand. I’ve watched one friend completely turn her life around using the coconut oil method to successfully manage and treat her Lupus. I’ve also witnessed with joy,  as another friend with HIV who lives in the poorest part of our community, has used  this recipe to save her life. In the past 2 years she has gone from strength to strength, never getting sick, she has increased energy and a beautiful, brilliant smile whenever we meet. The following recipe is easy, it’s effective, its cheap and it can literally save your life.


  1. NO NASTY CHEMICALS AND NO DANGER: For those who are unhappy about using harsh chemicals like isopropyl alcohol, the coconut method is far more attractive. Unlike the alcohol method, the coconut oil method contains no harmful substances that have to be carefully burnt off and is 100% all natural.  Also, sourcing organic coconut oil is pretty easy, whereas sourcing quality 99% isopropyl alcohol can be a challenge.
  2. FULL PLANT EXTRACT: Although it doesn’t pull out as much chlorophyll as the alcohol method it does still pull some out which can only benefit your body. It is also a full plant extract method which has been shown to be the safest. Avoid any oils that promise ONLY  CBD or ONLY THC as both are required for optimal benefits – they work together and without one or the other, its effectiveness can be reduced and the side-effects increased.
  3. EASY DOSAGE: The ‘black’  oil made from the alcohol method is extremely concentrated and this can make accurate dosage tricky, as just a little more than usual can cause major side-effects, including nausea, paranoia, increased heart-rate, excessive thirst, dizziness and disorientation. The coconut oil method, however, results in a diluted oil – this means you have to take more but it also means there’s far more room for error. If you take a little more of the coconut oil than usual it may effect you but not in the extreme way too much black oil does.
  4. CHRONIC CONDITIONS: For people who are suffering from chronic conditions involving pain, insomnia, inflammation or nerve damage – this is a wonderful method. Due to it being less dangerous to make and the dosage requirements being more lenient, it means people can gently and effectively manage the symptoms of their chronic conditions as well as begin the journey towards more long-lasting recovery.
  5. INCREASED  ABSORPTION: The high saturated fat content in coconut oil provides ample binding opportunities for cannabinoids. It’s excellent for extracting both THC and CBD’s and when you combine cannabinoids with fat, the fat helps the cannabinoids travel through your digestive which assists with better absorption of the different properties.

For more on dosage and side effects go to:



Pure Virgin Organic Coconut oil

Dry Cannabis

(Roughly 100 ml of coconut oil to 10 grams of powdered cannabis)


NOTE: I do not recommend decarboxylating the plant material unless you are specifically making oil to treat cancer. For all other conditions no decarboxylating is required as you want to maximize your CBD’s and decarboxylating can destroy CBD’s. For more on how to specifically treat Chronic Conditions or Cancer go to:

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  1. Separate the flowers from seeds and stalks. You can use a sieve to help with this process. Pull out any larger stalks and put the dried flower into a sieve and rub it through – the seeds and smaller stalks will be held back and the plant matter will fall through.
  2. Grind the dried Cannabis into a fine powder – use a coffee grinder for this. If you don’t have a grinder use scissors to chop it finely.

  3. Gently melt the coconut oil – do not let it come to the boil.

  4. Use only enough oil to cover the cannabis amount used, work on 100 ml of oil to 10 grams of powdered cannabis for a good quality.

  5. Double boil: Use a large pot with water in it as the base. Put the smaller pot with the coconut oil into this pot. THe bottom pot will help keep the coconut oil from getting overheated.Water has a boiling point of 100C which helps to keep the coconut oil at this temperature too.

  6. Once the oil is melted, add the cannabis powder. The oil must never bubble or boil therefore you have to keep a constant eye on the pot, stirring at regular intervals.

  7. If the oil starts to bubble reduce the heat immediately even if this means switching off for a while this is no problem – the oil must never boil or bubble.

  8. Continue with this process for six hours always checking the heat and keeping it on constant low heat, using a wooden spoon to stir at frequent intervals.

  9. Six hours may feel long but it produces the best possible oil.

  10. After six hours turn the heat off and let the oil cool. There is no harm in switching off and continuing after a few hours if time or circumstances do not permit, even if you are cooking on a fire.

  11. Once the oil has cooled strain it through a muslin cloth, stocking or a fine mesh sieve using the back of a teaspoon to press the oil through. It is much easier to use the cloth or stocking which you can secure over a bowl with an elastic band.

  12. Store the oil in glass jar and keep it in a cool dry place. Always remember to open the glass jar before you put it in boiling water as it will crack and many patients have lost their valuable medicine in this way.

  13. Coconut oil naturally solidifies in cooler temperatures and all you have to do is place the glass jar in some boiling warm water and let it melt, you can also use your Cannabis Coconut oil in the solid form as butter or swallow it solid with water, like a pill.

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Do not leave the oil on the heat unattended – you will damage the cannabinoids and lose potency. Even street marijuana is expensive and this is a valuable lesson learned. You can research these options on many websites.

Coconut oil has a smoke point of 171 degrees Celsius. At 100 degrees and less it cannot produce any dangerous fumes because it will not create smoke at this temperature. So this recipe can be followed while cooking on gas, electricity, even fire, and anyone can make their own medicine with this recipe.


This is where personal responsibility is of paramount importance.

If you have never used Cannabis before it is essential to start on the smallest possible dose (tip of a teaspoon) and gradually building up to increased dosages. Your body will need to adjust to the stimulation of the Endocannabinoid System, which is usually only felt after the first three to four times of taking it, after which you will ‘feel’ the effects- increase slowly over days or weeks. I advise people to increase on the weekend so they can sleep in if they feel tired in the morning while their body adjusts.

Speak to people who have used Cannabis to get an idea of what to expect because no two people are alike and no two Cannabis strains are exactly alike.

If you are treating any cancer related condition, the average person who has not consumed Cannabis before should start with a half teaspoon three times a day, building up to tablespoons as soon as you have established your own personal Cannabis tolerance levels. Sometimes this is too strong and sometimes the patient does not report feeling any difference- everyone is different.

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7 thoughts on “How to Make Cannabis Infused Coconut Oil and Why it’s Awesome!

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  4. Thank you for this. I am so excited to try it out. My father has skin cancer everywhere. Ive seen his skin get worse over the years and only recently did I think to get him some cannabis drops. While this may help, I feel that If I made it for him rather, I wouldn’t be skimping. Does that make sense? Anyway, thank you again xxx

    • Personally I believe that making it yourself can make all the difference – especially where cost is considered. Often people don’t use the correct amount of oil for fear of the cost of the product. If you make it yourself it is far cheaper and you can ensure you are using organically grown plant material rather than something that might be spayed with all kinds of pesticides.

    • The easiest way is with a syringe – unfortunately it’s not precise but it’s the easiest at this point. I make sure the syringe of oil has been refrigerated so it’s thick and not too runny. Then I put capsules out in a row ( I have a little contraption to hold the capsules steady) and put the oil in – I measure it out using a half grain of rice as my counting size and then I put either 2 or 10 of those in a capsule, depending on who and what it’s for.

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