Cancer, Chronic Conditions & Cannabis Oil: THC vs CBD’s

More and more people are looking into cannabis oil to treat their chronic conditions and while there is a lot of information on the web these days – it can get confusing fast!

The question I get asked the most these days regarding cannabis oil and chronic conditions is which is better, lots of THC or lots of  CBD’s? So, all Scientific studies and internet info aside – this is what I’ve learnt from my own practical experience with helping others to overcome their various health challenges.


The History…

When Rick Simpson first came out about the oil it was used specifically to heal cancer and he noticed that oil that was higher in THC was the most effective for treating and curing cancer and so he advocated for  a high THC content in the oil.

Up until that point cannabis was used almost entirely for recreational purposes and a higher THC content in your bud meant a more intense high. It made sense in the cannabis world to promote THC as the most important factor because this was almost all anyone knew about cannabis and almost no one knew anything about CBD’s and their benefits.

When I first made the oil to cure my breast cancer I would decarboxylate all my plant matter before soaking it in order to increase the THC levels. It was effective and in less than a year I had healed my cancer and was feeling better than ever.

Dealing with Depression…


I had suffered from depression most of my adult life but when my daughter was born it culminated into something far more dark and debilitating. I was unable to care for myself in the most basic ways, it felt like my mind had turned against me and everything felt like an immense struggle.

When I found out I had cancer it came as a huge shock.  Having watched the medical industry destroy my grandfather after he was diagnosed with cancer it was a no-brainer for me  to go the natural route. I started by making my own cannabis oil off the instructions given in the Rick Simpson video, Run from the Cure.

My life was at stake and I wanted to do everything I could to increase my chances of success- I wanted to change my diet, to do more exercise and do more research but the depression kept me feeling powerless and so all I managed was my nightly dose of cannabis oil.

After about four weeks of taking the oil, I noticed an unexpected change. I was standing in front of the fridge chastising mysef for the crappy choices I was about to make regarding my diet when all of a sudden an emotion came over me from nowhere – the emotion was excitement. I had no idea where it came from but with it came a flash of memory from the last time I had felt that way, when I was 15 years old and my friend and I were about to go to a Brian Adams concert.

The unexpected emotion and accompanying memory brought on two realisations simultaneously;

Firstly, I was somehow healing emotionally and secondly, that I had been depressed for a lot longer than I had realised.

I paid closer attention to how I was feeling over the next couple of weeks and I became convinced it was the cannabis oil helping me. As the weeks progressed I found I was able to get out of bed and have a shower. I began leaving the house, talking to people and doing errands and chores. I started smiling. Laughing. Playing with my daughter. Life started feeling bearable, it started feeling possible again.

After about six weeks on the oil I started researching natural ways of healing myself of cancer. I began feeling strong enough to include positive changes in my life. I started implementing dietary changes and then I started fasting. This was followed with Yoga. Step by step, day by day, I slowly climbed out of the pit of despair and started taking back control of my life.

Addiction or Dependency…?

After I was given the all clear I stopped the oil completely. I had toyed with the idea of taking a maintenance dose but I was worried that since I was taking so much oil everyday to beat the cancer that I might have become addicted. I wanted to stop cold-turkey and see what happened.

Nothing happened.

Life went on.

I had no problems sleeping, I didn’t get the shakes, I didn’t get agitated, I was fine and there were no noticeable withdrawal symptoms and after a few days I breathed a sigh of relief.

However, after about four weeks I noticed that I was once again struggling to motivate myself to get things done. I was starting to feel overwhelmed by life and with a sinking heart I had to admit to myself that the depression was creeping back.

 Treating Depression with Cannabis oil…


So I made more oil. Only this time there was a bit more information available and talk had started about these mystical and magical CBD’s. The more research I did on CBD’s the more convinced I became that they were essential for my long term well being.

I looked into South African weed and what properties our local plants seems to have and I was pleasantly surprised to find that our plants are excellent. They have oodles of CBD’s in them.  So, I stopped decarboxylating the plant-matter beforehand and cooked the alcohol off over a low heat to minimize damage to the CBD’s.

Once the oil was made, it took me two weeks on a low dose of one grain of rice a night to get back to feeling normal again. Since then I’ve stayed on the oil and I’ve felt myself getting better and stronger by the day.

Cannabis Oil and Healing Brain Damage….

Studies show that depression damages the brain and anyone who has suffered from it will attest to this. My organizational skills went out the window, my memory was poor and my thoughts were scattered. Even when I started feeling better, this damage remained for a long while afterwards.

But , having being on the oil for years now, I can see the improvements – I am personally better organised these days but I can also organise things around me now (it sounds so silly but something as simple as packing away your children’s toys becomes a huge obstacle in your day when your brain has forgotten how to ‘organise’!)

My memory still needs work but it’s improving and less and less things are falling through the cracks these days.  As for my scattered thoughts, well, most days I can get myself to focus on a task, I can finish things I start and I can plan ahead. Simple feats for most but for me these are big achievements.

I’ve done a fair amount of research on this over the years and it appears that CBD’s are responsible for not only healing damaged neurons but they are able to stimulate brain cell growth. It is the only substance known to do this in people over the age of 40 and I suspect its why it’s having such a positive effect on people suffering from Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.

Cannabis Oil vs Anti-Depressants…

I eventually got to the point where I felt I was able to seek emotional assistance and started therapy to help me understand my depression and where it stems from.

Unlike anti-depressants that numb your emotions, with the oil I still get to feel everything but now I get to feel the good and not just the bad. I’m not saying I don’t still have hard days, I do, but I can face those days and know that they wont break me.

Also, unlike anti-depressants, I can stop the oil whenever I want to and the only side effect is that the depression starts to creep back in over time.

CBD’s and Lupus…

A few years later I was chatting to a friend who suffers severely from Lupus. As she listed off all her various prescription drugs that she was using to deal with the various symptoms: pain, inflammation, insomnia, etc, etc, etc I knew she had to try the oil. At first she didn’t want to know about it; being old school, she only knew cannabis as ‘dagga’ and as the ‘devil’s weed’.

But she was in a bad way and only getting worse and desperation made her bring up the subject with me a while later. Her main concern was that she was taking so many different pills and  she knew it was having an adverse affect on her digestive system and specifically her liver.

A few weeks later we started her on the oil. Having done my research I was now all about the CBD’s. Again, I made her oil as I made mine – over a low heat and didn’t decarboxylate in order to preserve the CBD’s.

I started her on a tiny dose – a match head sized drop of oil before bed, which we increased every two weeks until she was taking a grain and a half before bedtime.  It didn’t take long to have an effect.

Within the month she was noticing positive changes and so she took herself off to her doctor to show him the difference in her. Where before her body was stiff, hard, inflamed and painful to the point that she couldn’t walk – now her skin was loose and soft and her joints were no longer swollen and inflamed.

Her doctor was impressed and suggested she start weaning herself off one of her prescription drugs (but didn’t want to know anything about the cannabis oil).

A year later and she has weaned herself off all her pills except for one. She’s laughing, she’s full of energy and she’s loving life.  Her world is no longer a series of painful and uncomfortable moments and she no longer dreads the future because she knows there is a future for her now.

Her doctor has changed his tune too and tells her at check-ups that he now recommends all his patients look into cannabis oil.

After about 6 weeks she started making her own oil using the coconut oil method and is to date successfully managing her Lupus on her own.

Cancer vs Chronic Conditions….THC vs CBD’s


Over the years I’ve continued to help people with all manner of dis-ease and this is what I’ve found works best.

For anything that isn’t cancer; be it depression, Lupus, Chron’s Disease, Arthritis, nerve pain/damage, insomnia, chronic pain, etc. I don’t decarboxylate  at all as the increased heat damages and destroys the CBD’s. Instead I cook the oil over a very low heat to ensure I don’t destroy the precious CBD’s in the plant.

For Cancer:  THC definitely has it’s place when fighting cancer. Studies have shown how the THC affects the mutated cancer cells and reverses the damage. However, even with cancer patients, the CBD’s are important. While the THC is fighting the cancer, the CBD’s are building up and strengthening your immune system. So, for oil to treat cancer, I decarboxylate half of the plant matter before I soak it. THC is activated at just over 110 C whereas this is the temperature where the CBD’s start being destroyed. By decarboxylating only half the plant matter you get the best of both worlds, half the plant matter will have higher CBD’s and half will have higher THC.

How can you increase your CBD Yield?

Besides skipping out on the decarboxylation process the other way to ensure that you are getting a rich mix of CBD’s is to choose a plant that is known for these properties. Specific strains of Cannabis provide more CBD’s or THC than others. It’s easy to search for the best strain for your needs online and once you know what you are looking for you can either source a supplier of the dried flowers or you can purchase the seeds online and grow it yourself. This takes a bit longer but it’s far cheaper, you get a lot more plant material to use and you can ensure no pesticides were used.


It’s all about Balance…


I also believe the plant works best as a whole. From my own experience, the people who seem to have the hardest time adjusting to cannabis or who experience extreme side effects are the ones who have been given high THC drops or high CBD drops. I’m not sure how these ‘drops’ are made but they seem to upset the plant’s natural balance. The THC and CBD’s work together and THC without CBD’s can result in a lot of extreme side-effects.

My advice would be to stay away from the drops or any method that isolates only certain aspects of the plant and stick to either the concentrated oil or oil made with coconut oil, olive oil or where ‘full plant extract’ methods have been used as these seem to give the best results with the least side-effects.


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    • Hi – excellent questions! I haven’t used only the leaves as I am not growing for myself as yet and so it’s hard to get the leaves. However, I do advocate to others who are growing their own to use the whole plant, including leaves as these also have CBD’s. I would love to know what the different yield is between all bud and all leaves – I will have to find out!

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