Off To Buy More “Food”? Read This First.

These days trying to find food in your local grocery store that is good for you and not laden with unhealthy side-effects can be quite the challenge.

We no longer buy food from our grocery stores but rather we buy ‘food-like-substances’. Even foods that used to be considered healthy, like veggies, are now so loaded with pesticides and poisons used to make them look ‘healthy’ and ‘fresh’ that I can’t buy them without soaking them in vinegar-water for half an hour first to try take the poisons off the outside – but this does little for the poisons that have been absorbed into the plant!

The milk we buy is full of hormones that were pumped into the cow to force her to produce the maximum amount of milk and then it was pasteurised in such a way and to such an extent that it causes an allergic reaction in most people these days, whether they realise it or not- eczema, asthma and migraines are just some of the side effects to drinking store bought milk.

However, so many of the people that I speak to become resistant to this information, perhaps feeling overwhelmed and powerless to do anything about the problem and so they go the ostrich route of sticking their heads in the sand and hoping the problem will go away. Some actively claim that they don’t want to hear about it, again, because they believe there is nothing they can do about it and so they don’t want to worry about it in a world where there is already so much to worry about. But we all know that problems seldom disappear just because they are being ignored.

So, what can you do about it? Simple – EMPOWER YOURSELF!

The first step to fixing a problem is admitting we have one in the first place .

Step two is education – informing yourself of the hazards and then actively finding stores and folk that do things differently and supporting them.

Where I live on the North Coast, a young mother who is passionate about the health of her family and dismayed by how polluted our store-bought food is that she began a little business providing healthy food for her community. She sources naturally grown fruit, vegetables, eggs, meat and milk and once a week she drives around fetching all the produce from different spots in the province which she then packages in recyclable bags for each of her customers, who are then guaranteed healthy food for the rest of the week – and business is booming!

Another couple I met recently made the decision to provide hormone free, unpasteurised milk to their community. They had to jump through a gazillion hoops and struggled through miles of red tape but their determination resulted in them being the first (and the only) dairy allowed to serve unpasteurised milk in our province.

Their milk is rich, delicious and sweet. My 3 year old daughter, who doesn’t like store bought milk, can’t seem to get enough of it and I have to stop myself from guzzling it down a litre at a time. For me, it’s wonderful, I’ve always loved milk but the extent it aggravates my asthma means I have to be careful with how much I have – but not so with the unpasteurised, hormone free version- I drink it without a so much as a wheeze!

More and more people are actively trying to fix the problem and are trying to provide people with healthy alternatives. By sticking your head in the sand and pretending that the food you are currently buying isn’t making you sick means that you are also currently continuing to support a twisted capitalist industry whose only concern is the profit they make –with no thought for the cost (health, environmental, etc.) to you, the customer.

Logically, we all know that we all know that we can’t expect a different result if we keep applying the same action – so by continuing to support shops that sell us poisons we prevent ourselves from enacting positive change in our own communities and lives.

We can write as many letters  as we want to companies telling them how we feel without it making a stitch of difference because the only real way to influence big business is with money and in this case, in the withholding of said money. By spending money with folks that are actually providing quality, healthy produce you are not only bettering your own health but you are denying big business their ever precious bit of profit. Only when they begin to notice this can we then expect some form of positive change from them.

Choosing to hide your head in the sand equates to choosing to remain a victim of the system – not to mention all the illnesses and dis-eases that come with this choice.

However, by choosing to empower yourself, you begin to take an active role in your own health and you begin to bring about the positive change we all crave.

So before you dash off to your nearest grocery store to buy some poison-laden veggies, hormonally compromised meat or chemically changed milk, get online or ask around and see who in your community is trying to do things differently.

Supporting the businesses that support you by providing you with healthy real food means that you are actively making a change for the better in your own community.

In a world where Cancer is rising to epidemic proportions because of the poisons we are unknowingly pumping into our systems every day, it’s more important than ever to enact positive change. So, empower yourself, educate yourself and spend your money wisely – your health and the health of your loved ones really does depend on it!


For more information about the unpasteurised milk I mentioned go to:

And for those in Ballito and the North Coast who would like more natural food go  to:



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