Managing Asthma Naturally


 I was diagnosed with asthma when I was 25 years old. It shouldn’t have surprised me – my paternal grandmother died from an asthma attack before I was born; my father developed asthma in his late 50’s and the fact that I’d been smoking since I was 15 didn’t help at all.

I remember at first I was in denial about it – I had a lung infection and I was sure the symptoms would disappear once the infection cleared. They didn’t. Fast forward a few months later and I was prescribed daily chronic medication in order to try and manage the asthma, which had got so bad that I spent most nights on a nebulizer.

As the years passed my asthma got steadily worse, but since I hadn’t quit smoking, I wasn’t surprised by this.

However, a year and a half ago I finally did stop. At first I had expected my asthma to disappear magically overnight but that didn’t happen, and as the months have passed my asthma continued to plague me on a very regular basis.

I”m now 35 years old and over the past year and a half I’ve focused intensely on my health and have managed to replace all my pharmaceutical medication with healthy natural alternatives except for my daily asthma meds and inhaler.

The problem with my asthma meds is that long term use increases my risk of heart failure later in life- as with all pharmaceutical drugs, there are often unexpected and unpleasant side-effects, so it’s a case of “choose your poison.”

About three months ago I ran out of my daily chronic meds and I made the choice not to renew the prescription but to rather find a natural way of managing my asthma. My reasoning was that I wouldn’t know if any of the different alternative methods were working while I was still on the pharmaceutical drugs.

I cut out all milk (I do still have a little cheese or yoghurt from time to time), I exercised, I ate healthily but I was using my inhaler about three to four times a day at least, which is also, not healthy.

It was winter, the season that the sugarcane farmers in our area burn their crop to make it easier for harvesting, however, the soot also pollutes the air and causes havoc for anyone with respiratory issues. Added to this is the airport that was built just outside our town – I can only imagine the pollution that all those planes must be causing in the air above us!

The end result however, was that I was really struggling and as anyone who suffers from asthma will tell you, it can very, very scary. almost ready to give up, my husband even suggested I put off this latest project until winter was over and the air was cleaner.

Then about two months ago I found a Tulsi plant (Holy Basil) at a nursery. I recalled that it helps to remove fluoride from our systems and I decided to get it and include it in my daily salad.

About a month later I went to gym and forgot my inhaler at home. I was so mad with myself as now I’d have to drive all the way home and by the time I got back, there wouldn’t be much time left. So, I decided to go to gym but to take it easy. I usually need to use my inhaler at least once during gym, even when I’m on my chronic meds.

I did take it a little easy, but not by that much and I was surprised to find that my breathing was mostly fine and that I was actually coping without my inhaler.

I also began to notice that the 4 am wheeze I normally get was no longer waking me up in the wee dark hours of the morning. I began needing my inhaler less and less, and then a few weeks ago I forgot my inhaler for gym again. I didn’t let it stop me this time and managed to do a full, intense workout without needing to use it – I was thrilled, something was definitely working!

I wasn’t really sure what I was doing that was finally being effective and it was only a few weeks later that I came across an article all about Tulsi and it’s wonderful healing benefits – especially for any kind of respiratory ailments! Although I’d been taking it to rid me of any fluoride, it had also been gently healing and restoring my lungs to health.

When my daughter caught a particularly nasty and stubborn chest infection a few weeks ago, I simply steeped some leaves in hot water, waited for it to cool and added it to her juice for a few days- the other kids who had caught it were put on all kinds of antibiotics and pharmaceutical meds and many are still battling with it – my daughter, who’s only taking the Tulsi tea, is on the mend and doing better every day.

I’m not completely out of the woods regarding my asthma and so I do keep my inhaler on me in case of emergencies, but the fact that I almost never need to use it, shows me that I’m on the right track.

And thanks to the magical little Tulsi plant, I have finally reached my goal of being completely pharmaceutical free!  I feel great.

For more information on the many different healing benefits of this lovely plant, go to:


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