Cannabis Oil and Me

Cannabis oil saved my life. This is my story.

In 2012 I found out I had breast cancer – a lump the size of a R5 coin on my left breast. I was 35 years old, a new mother and completely unprepared for the news that I had cancer.

When I received the results, I was at home alone with my 18 month old daughter. I didn’t quite know what to do, so I bundled her into a pram and we went out for a walk on a nearby farm. It was a beautiful day, far too beautiful to be dying of cancer.

But then, this wasn’t the first major health issue I’d had to deal with in recent history.

Six months after my daughter was born I was diagnosed with Post Natal Depression.

Only someone who has experienced this or any other form of chronic depression can truly appreciate how debilitating this condition can be. A thick mist of despair settled over my mind and body and every decision, choice or conversation was questioned, scrutinized, replayed, relived and agonized over until I quite literally felt like I was going mad – the irony was that I was sane enough to see my madness; I just didn’t know how to fix it.

I’ve never been one for synthetic drugs – not medicinally or recreationally. So, I hadn’t taken any anti-depressants for the depression and when it came to choices for treating the cancer, I automatically leaned to the alternative side of things. I had heard too many horror stories about Chemo and radiation and personally I don’t believe that surgery is effective in these cases either. Luckily, I’d found the lump early on and so time was on my side.

The only problem was that many of the natural alternatives require you to implement lifestyle changes which can be a challenge for anyone but for someone suffering from depression, trying anything new is close to impossible. I could hardly look after myself in the most basic sense – my eating was erratic and generally unhealthy and I hardly exercised at all – so I knew this was going to be tough.

I had felt powerless and fragile for so long, I wasn’t used to having to be strong or brave anymore. But as I walked, the sun was shining and I realised it was too beautiful a day to be without hope. So I relaxed. I listened to my daughter’s nonsensical babbles as she told me about the world around us.  As I allowed the sun to warm my skin, I made a silent vow to myself that I would do everything and anything within my power to prevent my daughter from having to face this world without her mother by her side.

It wasn’t long after this that I came across a documentary called Run from the Cure. In it different people told their stories about how Cannabis oil had cured their cancer, all kinds of cancers – skin, colon and prostrate cancer – had all been cured without any negative side effects. The documentary also shows you how to make the oil so I decided to give it a try.

I believe that when you make the right decision, things naturally flow easily and this was certainly the case with making the oil. The fact that the main ingredient is completely illegal was problematic but a friend helped put me in contact with someone who could supply the cannabis and the rest was easy.

Soon, I had my precious cannabis oil and all that was left was for me to begin taking it. The documentary said I was to start on half a grain of rice and every four days I would double it- giving my body a chance to increase its tolerance levels. The aim was to get me taking a gram of oil a day as quickly as possible.

It had the consistency and colour of Marmite but it was extremely peppery and I was not fond of the taste. I put the size of half a grain of rice on a small piece of squashed bread and swallowed it with some water like a pill.

About 45 minutes later I suddenly felt quite flushed (I was in the bath at the time) and very thirsty. I can’t remember what I was thinking at that moment but I suddenly found it extremely amusing, I began to giggle. I hadn’t giggled in a long time and I just can’t explain how good it felt to laugh again.

I went through to my husband, my eyes felt like they were just little slits and I could hardly talk for the waves of giggles that convulsed merrily through my body – I was as high as a kite on Kilimanjaro!

After about 15 minutes and roughly 2 litres of water, I decided it was all too much and I went to bed. I lay in bed for what seemed like ages as thoughts traipsed through my consciousness in riveting succession until I finally fell asleep.

At midnight I woke up bursting for the toilet. As I got out of bed I felt queasy and unbalanced. I staggered to the loo and then gently made my way to the kitchen to get more water – I really was so thirsty! Waves of nausea began to wash over me and I quickly made my way back to bed. I remembered reading that no one had ever died from using cannabis and I told myself to just relax and go to bed. I fell back to sleep very quickly.

The next morning I woke up feeling a little groggy but otherwise I was fine. I was concerned about my reaction the night before and I was disappointed that I’d got so high- having a toddler around means I have to be in the right state of mind at all times, I couldn’t afford to be high all day while looking after her.

I spoke to my husband about the adverse reaction I’d experienced the night before. His theory was that I’d taken too much and it’d made me ill, something called “the Greens”. He suggested I halve the dose and see if that was better.

So, that night after my daughter was put to bed I took half the measurement of the night before. I still got high but the nausea was gone and I slept beautifully through the night.

I decided that I would only take the oil at night, that way it wouldn’t interfere with my duties as a mom.

It took me about a month-and-a-half to manage to take a full gram in one go. I admit, I didn’t always cope, as I found the next day I would feel very lethargic and slow. So I knew if I had to be up early I would ease off on my dose a bit.

After about four weeks on the oil I began to notice a real change in me. My outlook and my attitude had improved dramatically. I was feeling not only optimistic but enthusiastic – a feeling I hadn’t experienced in almost two years. I began to feel like my old self, I began to laugh and smile and even socialise a little. Most importantly, I was able to get out of bed and stay out of bed, which meant I began to achieve little things in my day too.

As I continued taking the oil, my overall health began to improve and my mental outlook improved to the point that I was able to begin implementing healthy lifestyle changes into my daily routine. The transformation was incredible. I suddenly had the strength to take control of my mind and body. I water-fasted for 40 days – 40 days!  My mind was focused and I had once again begun to believe in myself, so anything was possible. I started yoga and I began to genuinely get back into shape. I felt younger than I had felt in years and I had far more energy than I ever recalled having before.

When I went for my next breast scan, I felt quite confident – how could the oil not be working when I was feeling so good? So, you can imagine my delight when the scan showed the lump had all but gone! It had been significantly reduced and my risk level had been downgraded from “high” to “low”. I’d done it, my cancer was in retreat and I was feeling amazing!

A year later and I am now completely cancer free, I weigh 20 kg’s lighter, I eat a healthy diet and I am fitter than I was as a teenager. My depression is also under control and I’m feeling strong enough to begin tackling some of the emotional issues that triggered the depression to begin with.

When I’m on the oil, I not only function as a sane and logical human being, but I am able to achieve amazing results within myself and my environment.  I know the issue of cannabis oil is still very much taboo in South Africa, but for me, cannabis oil has literally saved my life –in more ways than one!

Please note: To find out how I made the oil go to:

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39 thoughts on “Cannabis Oil and Me

  1. Wow! This is a heavy story! I feel that cannabinoids have helped me greatly in the healing process after improper lifting techniques injured my back. When I first started my treatment, I couldn’t walk. Always had sciatica pains from the tips of my toes all the way up into the depths of my hip. Thankfully I was in a location that allowed the medicinal use of this wonderful plant.

    Thank you so much for your story, and your incredible site. I do hope that you and your daughter continue to lead a healthy lifestyle!

    Do you know what variety of the plant you had been given/are being given? I am curious to know if there is a high CBD and CBG count for the strain you are using.

    Have a good one!!!

    • Thanks so much for the support- and I hope you are recovering well! The strain I used was an outdoor Swazi – grown in Swaziland and then smuggled into South Africa. It’s a fairly decent plant for an outdoor but I mainly used it because it’s commonly available here and relatively easy to get hold of. I know it’s a Sativa strain, but that’s about as much as I know about it in total! I hope this helps!

      • That sure does help! I know of a few strains out here that have Swazi bred into them. In fact, one my of plants is 50% Swazi! It’s called Swazi Safari, which was bred with Skunk #1.

  2. Way to go Kellzzy,

    You showed tremendous courage — congrats. I imagine that this humble man from Canada has saved more lived that many oncologists will save in a lifetime of work … and those governments that are continuing to keep this illegal are killing more people than many wars.

    • Thank you Mark, and yes, I agree, Rick Simpson is a real hero, we have a lot to thank him for! As for the governments, they will only get away with it for as long as the people allow them to and times, they are changing! More and more people are becoming aware of the benefits of this amazing plant and as they do, the more they realize how badly they’ve been lied to by their governments. People are speaking out and challenging the law. Right now in South Africa we have a Rastafarian lawyer who is busy challenging the law in the Constitutional Court. Personally I think it’s criminal to allow people to suffer needlessly when we already know how beneficial Cannabis is.

  3. Kelly, you are so amazing!!! I’m a 37 year old mother of a 3 yr old and married to my high school sweetheart. My story is almost 100% the same in regards to the oil but I have Stage 4 Peritoneal cancer. I have been on the oil for 7 weeks and I just got up to a gram yesterday. My blood work came back yesterday that my CA-125 is back up to 65. i was devistated, i have been on the oil fir 7 weeks, why is my cancer marker going up?? My husband said, you need to do “1 gram a day honey!!” I said to my husband, you are tight, I’m doing it, I’m going to up my does to a gram, so I did it & I everything went pretty well. (Went from 11 drops to 33 drops-1gm).
    I do the same as you, “take at night” because of my 3 ur old. It took me a long time to get to sleep but I finally did.

    Thank you for your story!!! After the news i got yesterday I really needed to hear a true & almost 100% like my experience that was successful!!! You have helped to give me even more hope that I will be here, cancer free & healthy, to walk my daughter down the isle at her wedding in 25 years. I truly believe that God put this story in front of my eyes today for the pure purpose to show me that i will be just fine!!! God bless you!!

    • Sherry, I’m really glad that my story has helped you, I know that this is a difficult and challenging journey for you, but please persevere with the oil! Keeping the faith is also very important as it helps your state of mind and helps you to keep your focus. Keep at it and allow your love for your daughter and your family to give you strength on those darker days. My thoughts are with you and if you have any questions or concerns please get in touch. xox

    • Hi we are facing a difficult decision. My wife’s breastcancer metasized to stage 4 in the bone she’s been taking the cannabisoil and managed to take 35ml all ready and is on 1.5ml a day now.But we did a cea marker went up from 190 to 300 in 5 weeks.The oncologist advise us to start with chemo immediately.Is there anything you know about the cea marker.

      • Hi,
        I must admit, not being a doctor, I don’t know much about CEA markers. I have heard that CEA makers can rise with tumor death – so perhaps ask your doctor about this first before engaging in chemo? Also, make sure your wife is eating right – raw foods, juicing – no sugar, etc.

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  5. Patricia, please be careful when ordering the oil especially from someone you don’t know personally. A lot of people have been scammed. I’d rather someone just scam me for my money than to send me some oil that wasn’t a cure making me think I’m taking the right thing-that is the worse scam of all.

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  7. I am blown away at your success with this wonder herb, and have started my first experiment soak this morning. (Thanks again Kellzzy for the local advise, and well done)
    For those who are concerned about the ‘high’ being too much, what about doing an extraction from the hemp strain of cannabis ? ?
    Only problem here is that you will have to source your own seeds and grow it yourself.

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  9. Can anyone please refer me to a place I can order from in South Africa, I am living in Holland and we have these oils in abundance. I am worried shipping to SA will be a problem so a point in the right direction would be much appreciated.

    Regards and thank you

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    • Hi,
      Unfortunately because it’s illegal you probably will have to make it yourself. There are those who will make it for you but quality can’t be guaranteed.

  12. Thank you for sharing this, you write beautifully, straight from the Heart & you spoke straight to mine – you have Inspired me ☆ Stay Blessed.

  13. Hi Kelly, I found your story and recipe online in 2014 and started making for a friend who had cancer… been making it with rubbing alc 91% ~ tried Rick Simpsons recipe with benzine but can’t get my mind around the toxicity of it. Anyway just to say LOADS of gratefulness and thanks for having the balls to try it and then to share it…. W

    • Thank you Wendy! I’m so glad to hear you are making it yourself 🙂 I have sent you the coconut oil method – much less toxicity – but you can use olive oil instead of the coconut oil – up to you!

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  17. Hi Kelly
    I had to read your article and feel like there is hope for me as well. I am also a South African located in Erasmia Pretoria. I have been struggling with depression for over 15 years. I don’t have cancer but I have severe diabetes. I stopped all medication which was making me more sick. Please share with me how you fasted for 40 days on water alone. I need to also fast but I can’t get through a single day without food. I long to be fit and gain control of my health. I so much want to do yoga but I sleep or lie on the bed instead. Please can you help me. I’m so desperate. I also saw a snake that came into my house yesterday and searched for a spiritual meaning and that’s how I stumbled on to your blog.

    • Hi!
      Firstly, my apologies for not responding sooner.
      Secondly – Regarding the fasting – I would recommend you first look into using cannabis or psilocybin (magic mushrooms) to help manage the symptoms of the depression. Fasting is very much mind over matter’ and so being in the correct state of mind is paramount. This can be difficult when your mind feels like it is attacking you! I had been taking cannabis oil for about 2 months before I felt strong enough to attempt the fasting but by them I was so focused I knew nothing was going to stop me.
      However, with diabetes, fasting can be tricky and not necessarily the correct path for you. Do some research into intermittent fasting but perhaps also speak to your doctor or a nutritionist first to be safe.
      I really can’t recommend the cannabis oil enough for helping with the symptoms of depression (it helps with diabetes too!). It’s not a quick fix – it usually takes me about 3 to 4 weeks before I really feel any difference but the longer I take it for the stronger I get. Please feel free to email me if you need any assistance in this regard.

      • Hi Kelly
        Thank you for your response. I really appreciate it. Do you perhaps have a contact number that I can call you on. I have tons of questions that I need to ask you.

  18. Hi Kelly, do you have direct experience of anyone using cannabis oil for prostate cancer? I am looking at it initially as an alternative to prescription pain medication but am also keen to hear if anyone has achieved remission of the cancer through using cannabis oil. I have been on ADT treatment for 5 months and am about to start chemo. Looking forward to your response. Best regards, Ian

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