How Cigarettes Kill Your Will to Live – the knock-on effect

As a modern smoker it’s impossible to be ignorant of the ill-effects smoking has on your health. It’s impossible to ignore the slow and insidious loss of breath, the onset of bad circulation and always, at the very back of every smoker’s mind, that nasty little voice hissing, “Cancer”.

But this is not the only hazard facing smokers. The fact that most smokers know on some level that they are killing themselves results in a knock-on effect of unhealthy choices and companion-addictions.

As a smoker you know all of this but you feel powerless to do anything about it. You know you are killing yourself, there’s just no escaping from it. In your twenties you could stick your head in the sand and pretend it would never happen to you but in your thirties, as you begin to notice grey hairs and other signs of aging, it becomes harder and harder to ignore.

It becomes difficult to disregard how many cups of coffee or glasses of soda you drink with your cigarettes. Not water. Water and smoking just doesn’t seem to mix. You know you should drink more water, especially as a smoker, but you don’t because what’s the point? You’re already a smoker and what’s worse than that? So, you drink copious amounts of liquid stimulants which add to rather than lessen the burden on your body. As a result, many nicotine addicts are also addicted to coffee or Coke a Cola.

Then, after a few years of constantly suffocating yourself and your lungs, you find you’re short of breath. Being short of breath makes exercising hard and really, why go to gym when you could stay at home and smoke cigarettes and drink coffee, right?

And if you do manage to drag yourself to do some exercise, the moment you’re finished, you desperately reach for your cigarettes, secretly disgusted with your compulsion to put poisons into your amazing body. Eventually the hypocrisy will get to you and you will either give up smoking or exercising. Sadly, many choose to stop exercising.

 But for those who manage to release themselves from the addiction, an amazing journey back to health is in store for them.

As your lungs recover you are able to put more oxygen back into your blood stream. With more oxygen your blood thins and your circulation begins to improve. As your circulation improves you feel more energetic and so you want to exercise more.

As you recover from the damage caused by smoking, your sense of smell and taste improve and so, as you get fitter you naturally begin looking for healthier meal choices.

Most importantly, since you are no longer a smoker, you no longer need to coat your throat with coffee or sugary drinks and so you now find time to drink water; beautiful, pure, fresh, cleansing water. Every sip does your body a beautiful favour; water is the key to helping your body flush out those nasty old toxins and refresh your body.

And so, in the same way that smoking creates unhealthy knock-on effects, when you eliminate it from your life, your life naturally returns to balance and health on it’s own.


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