Curing Cold Sores Naturally

For anyone who suffers from cold sores….here are a few useful tips for how to cure them using natural substances….


3 thoughts on “Curing Cold Sores Naturally

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  2. Hi I’m Kagiso and my girlfriend resently dreamt of me been followed by a huge black snake.The dream really sent out a serious massage to me because a week before her younger sister dreamt of my girl short in the head.what’s identical about the dreams is the place where both the dreams are taking place please help?

    • Hi Kagiso

      The dream regarding the snake will pertain to changes taking place within your girlfriend’s life. As the snake was chasing you, this may mean that these changes pertain to your relationship and the shedding of unhelpful behaviors, attitudes or actions within your relationship. It’s a new year, so it would be a good time to review your relationship and make positive changes where they might be required and let go of things that might be holding you both back.

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