When Snakes Appear – What’s the Spiritual Message?

Last year my friend and I were driving through Zululand, South Africa; it was a hot summer’s day and we were driving home when I caught a liquid black movement just up ahead on the side of the road.

A large Black Mamba was about to cross the road, and from it’s reaction, we both spotted each other at the same time, because as I slammed on the breaks the Mamba raised three quarters of it’s body up into the air and then flicked itself backwards –and then it was gone.

Despite growing up in the area, I had never seen a Black Mamba in the wild before! I looked at my friend and she giggled at me wide eyed– it was a first for her too.

We were so exhilarated on the drive home we couldn’t stop talking about it. It had been a mature snake, at least 6 ft, and the speed and strength it had displayed getting itself out of danger was incredible.

For those of you who don’t know, the Black Mamba is considered to be one of the most dangerous snakes in the world – not just for it’s deadly poison, but because it’s one of the only snakes that’s territorial, which means that it does not run away like other snakes but rather, often attacks and chases people and animals away from it’s nest. Legends and stories abound throughout South Africa detailing the frightening experience of being chased down by a Black Mamba.

As soon as I got home I told my husband all about the snake. He listened to my story and then he became thoughtful. My husband has more than just a bit of the Shaman in him and the first thing he said was, “What’s the message?” At first I didn’t understand, but he clarified, “What message is the snake trying to convey to you?”  I didn’t know.

A week later I had a dream that I was being chased by a big black snake. It eventually bit me in my Achilles heel and I remember feeling horrified for a moment that I would die and then feeling very calm as I decided that I would be fine. I woke up shortly after this but the feeling and the dream lingered with me all day.

I eventually spoke to my husband about it and he said the same thing as before, “What’s the message?”  Again, I didn’t know but this time I really was curious and so I Googled it.

Snakes, it seems, are deeply symbolic animals in the spiritual realms. They represent change and healing and the shedding of the skin equates to letting go of the old and damaged and allowing in the new. I liked this meaning – my life was very stuck at that point and change seemed like a nice idea.

However, it also symbolises transmuting poisons-  but this meaning didn’t excite me as much – especially since I’d been bitten in the dream and so I was suspicious that this part of the meaning was also true for me in some way.

My friend, who had seen the Black Mamba with me, phoned me the next morning to tell me that she had just seen another Black Mamba as she was walking to work. She sent me a photo – another big boy! That was two Black Mambas in two weeks – changes were coming for my friend too!

But as I looked into it and thought about it, I realised that the changes were going to be huge- a Black Mamba is a powerful symbol.

Within the month, both my friend and I had to suddenly move out of our respective homes. She moved to a whole different city, started a new job and basically had to start her life over from scratch.

Me and my little family had to leave our little home and move in with my mom as my husband’s company floundered and I wasn’t bringing in a real income to speak of.  A few weeks after we’d moved in, just as I was starting to settle in, I found out I had breast cancer.

I remembered the snake dream and the part about transmuting poison and I told myself to calm down. This then, I believed, was what the message had been about: a warning that I had to change myself, my choices and habits, not just my environment or I was going to die.

After six months of intense life-style changes with the help of Cannabis oil, the cancer was healed – I successfully transmuted the ‘poison’ and I am stronger and healthier for it. I also shed 20 kg’s of toxic fat; changed how I ate and started a life-long love affair with yoga.

For me, the Black Mamba represents the forced shedding of habits and beliefs I had been too lazy or too stubborn to let go of before. It was a polite ‘head’s up’ before the wave of change crashed over me and swept me off on its life-changing tide.

So, I guess the symbolic message of the Black Mamba is that important changes are coming but like the Mamba, we are capable of rising to meet these challenges if we are willing to shed habits and behaviors that no longer serve us.

For my story go to: Cannabis Oil and Me


How to make cannabis oil in South Africa: https://kitchencures.wordpress.com/2014/08/17/how-to-make-cannabis-oil-in-south-africa-updated/

26 thoughts on “When Snakes Appear – What’s the Spiritual Message?

  1. Thanks for the ping! I found your post very interesting. It’s funny because a few days after nearly stepping on the puff adder I found a snake skin wrapped around a tamboti tree branch. I’m not sure exactly what kind of snake it was, but it was clearly a rear-fanged viper, poisonous, but very unlikely to bite humans. I’m not sure what these signs mean collectively, but snakes certainly appear to be a big part of my life right now. I hope your little brown snake brings pleasant changes in your future!

    • I’m so glad you enjoyed it! The way I usually try figure these things out is to think of what characteristics the animals embodies – so with the mamba I knew it would be aggressive change, with the brown house snake, I’m thinking more about changes around the house and changes in managing little things – as the brown house snake helps to manage numbers of rodents, frogs and gecko’s….time will tell! Good luck with your upcoming changes too!

    • In this case I would have to say it’s the actual snake – perhaps not physically alive – but symbols, art, pictures, etc would be indicative of snakes entering your space and bringing their message for you with them.

  2. Thanks for writing this. I too had an experience a few weeks ago here in South Africa with a Black Mamba snake in my garden, and I’ve just been through a Spiritual change with healing. The “transmuting poisons” part seems to be my healing process of “letting go of the old and damaged” (my old self/sins/failures) Luke 9:23 and “allowing in the new” (Christ) John 3:5-7 Interesting.:-) It is well explained here if you’re interested in reading it: http://jahtruth.net/noti.htm – The Divine in me.

  3. Thank you for sharing your dream about the black mamba. I use to share my dreams with my mom after she pass I use google to see what my dreams mean. I had a dream of a black mamba which was come right up and close to me and looked right at me, I manage to push it away with a garbage bag full of garbage inside. Wonder what is the massage in this dream?

    • I have been thinking about your dream and wondering what it means and this is my input…If snakes represent the shedding of the old then perhaps there is “rubbish” in your life that you need to shed? Perhaps there is clutter or old, useless attachments that you are resistant to shedding and the mamba is here to let you know its time? See if this is relevant in your life xox

      • Thank you so much for thanking the time to think what the meaning of my dream is.. You might be right there is a lot of things that I need to get rid of the “rubbish” in my life – I’m at a cross road where I need to move to the Philippines or try again to get my wife and son (will be born 20 Sept 2014) to South Africa. I believe you are correct.

      • Always a pleasure! Remember your subconscious already knows the right answer, the dreams are simply trying to update your conscious mind – trust your gut and don’t be afraid to implement changes or ‘shed’ anything that no longer serves you. Best of luck going forward and congratulations in advance for the birth of your son!

  4. I just came upon your article on the black mamba and thought is was very interesting mainly because I had a dream that my son made friends with a black mamba and my gut told me that the snake would hurt him so I grabbed my son and ran away from the snake but it chased us down and was about to attack my son when I got in its way and instead it was biting me on my arm. I was panicked that I was going to die and while I was rushing down the hallway in the hospital the nurses and doctors said not to worry that I would be fine then I told them it was a black Mamba that bit me, and again they said that it could not harm me. So the intresting thing is I live in Canada and I have never read up on snakes or have I have had any interest in learning about them yet in my dream I knew the snake was a black mamba and I knew it was poisionous. I woke up remembering every detail of my dream and have since been trying to figure out what the meaning was and I was still at a loss until reading your article. I would never see a real Black Mamba here in Canada unless I went to the zoo so this dream has to be inportant to my life. I had a feeling it was meaning a big change in my life such as moving or dealing with an illness(bite) but was not really sure. Nothing huge has happened yet so I guess it’s a matter if time. I also wondered if it mean’t healing abilities since native americans beleived that a person who survived a snake bite from a poinsionous snake had healing abilities and they usually would end up becoming the tibal shamman.

    • Thank you for sharing this. I found your dream to be very interesting and definitely has that the feel of a message. With regards to the dream signifying healing abilities – I would have to agree. However, I think the black Mamba points towards healing within ourselves before we are able to fully provide healing to others. With this in mind, look honestly at habits, addictions, beliefs, relationships and choices which might be harmful to yourself and try to address these as and when you are able. The dream began with your son which might also point towards your inner child and issues which might reside there.

  5. I have read these comments with great interest because we have recently had a snake in the house twice in one week. We live in The Bahamas where there are no dangerous snakes and the snakes have been very small. However we are at a loss to know how the have appeared in my daughters bedroom. Today a friend said to investigate a message they might be bringing. We are looking out for change no. Hopefully positive.

    • Thank you for sharing. I find it very interesting how many people from different parts of the world are receiving this message. Be on the look out for change and remember, although at times it may feel uncomfortable, it’s all about shedding the things that no longer benefit you and your loved ones.

  6. Ive been tormented by different dreams which have made me feel uneasy. One of the dreams that stand out is one I literally just had 10min ago. My mother sold her house 6 months ago. It was the house I grew up in up until I was 19 and moved out. Basically im back in the house: two snakes appear in the living area. One black mamba and one phython. I automatically know that the black mamba should be avoided at all costs. But as I plan my next move they disappear. I know they’re around hidden. I then find a strange smelling plant which I place in the bathroom. The snakes smell the plant and reappear, more aggressive. I then decide to exit the house, lock the doors and contact the snake handling people. As I plan to to do that. Different people who look like my past neighbors attack me. I defeat each and everyone. Fatally killing stabbing them. Soon after I decide I cant return to the house because of the snakes. I go back to open the doors in the hopes the snakes will appear and exit the house. I just wanted them out. Sadly they didn’t budge. I went to the back of the house/ back yard and saw my mum attempting to enter the house. I screamed pleading from afar that she must not enter that house. She ignores me, as usual. Continues. I then grab a rock throw it at her, I don’t hit her but startle her enough for her to step away and not enter the house.

    • Thank you for sharing your dream. In this, I think the black mamba is representing powerful, deep rooted changes that you need to address. You are more afraid of the Mamba, which is about transmutation, which speaks of fear of change within yourself. The python speaks of constriction and suffocation – so perhaps part of your ‘shedding’ is to do with freeing yourself from constricting behaviors, addictions, thought patterns or relationships? The dream takes place at your childhood home, which may represent the “known”, “the familiar” and when the snakes disappear, this represent the “unknown” and fear of the unknown. You slay all your outside attackers and ultimately save your mother- which shows a positive result for your brave actions. For me, this would suggest that the dream is asking you to step into the unknown and begin shedding the constricting habits/behaviors/beliefs/relationships that no longer serve you but that feel familiar and therefore ‘safe’ – (the”devil you do know”) – and begin implementing the necessary changes for healthier and more positive outcomes.
      I hope this helps!

  7. wow this is amazing
    I actually had so many dreams about snakes in my life and I just had one last night, I killed the black mamba but as I was killing it it was turning into a person screaming to me not to kill it as if I was killing someone I really love
    but I killed anyway, the snake wanted to bite me, what’s even weirder is that the dreams happen on the same place, so I decided to Google the meaning and I came across your story. I hope you’re doing well .

    • Sorry I didn’t reply sooner! From the sounds of your dream, I would suggest examining what changes you are resisting in your life – possibly to the determent of your loved ones? The mamba is trying to bite you – trying to help you to transmute the poisons in your life. You are killing the mamba, which shows fear and resistance to the change the snake is bringing. Remember, change can be uncomfortable and frightening but if we are able to shed the unnecessary we open more space for good in our lives.

  8. i dreamt seeing two mambas in a tree at my rural home before long i realised they were chasing me but then i didnt see were they went afterwards later i saw one huge snake in a tree slightily buff than a mamba blaxk and poisonuous becoz it bit the dog i threw a stone at it hitting it almost in mid section before it writhed in pain my granny was the one who finally crushed its head before it could do anything ..i woke up

    • The setting of your rural home speaks to me of of a simpler more natural way of life and the tree the snakes are in represents roots connecting you to your past and your traditions. The snakes are in the tree which suggest the changes that you will be experiencing will be to do with this connection to your past or to limiting views or traditions. The appearance of the dog points to loyalty. The snake bites the dog which suggests to me that you may need to let go of old loyalties that no longer serve you or limit your growth. These loyalties could be to particular people from your past or to old ways of thinking. Your grandmother also represents traditions/traditional thinking and by crushing the snake, she symbolizes these old views resisting the changes. Just remember, change can feel threatening but if we allow it to happen rather than fight it, we allow ourselves to grow beyond our own expectations.

  9. I came across this blog and I had a question! I have been working on my spirituality constantly for the past 6 months or so. During the past week I have had some really negative things happen to me. A car accident, and a fall on the ground in the street. The car accident happend first around 2:30 in the afternoon. Some time past and then I had an encounter with a small Gardner snake. It slithered onto the concrete were I was sitting outside. Once it noticed me, it just sat there not moving at all. I know there is meaning spirituality when you see, or dream about snakes. So I had to go to vote for the presidential
    primary. When I arrived at the polling place I was getting out of the vehicle, and I fell out of the vehicle right on my face. So not only was I in a car accident that day, but I fell out of the vehicle as well. I was really banged up from both experiences that day. I live in Illinois and I haven’t seen a live snake up close and personal for more years than I can remember, maybe 40 years. What do you think this encounter with this snake means, and do you think it has any correlation with the two negative things that happend to me that day?

    • Hello!
      I’m sorry to hear about your unfortunate events – however, I think there is a silver lining. As a result of your conscious spiritual work there will be changes and shift on a deeper, subconscious level. Our subconscious is responsible for so many automatic functions that we don’t even think about – like putting one foot in front of the other – but when there are changes happening deep within, these automatic functions can become slightly unreliable while the changes are being processed and ordered. What this means is you need to be a little more careful with the everyday mundane details – like driving or getting out the car- while these changes take place.The snake is confirming that you are in the process of shedding that which no longer benefits or serves you. Keep working on your spirituality and don’t be afraid to let go of those things that are holding you back – these are usually our own behaviors, attitudes and beliefs about ourselves which are outdated and limiting. Keep up the good work!

  10. abu
    yesterday i dreamt being chased by a black mamba i don knw wy its always a mamba but it was a lengthy chase eventually i remember vaguely i must have dodged its bite or it dd bit me but i didnt feel any pain the drream ended

    • Quite often the mamba’s powerful presence indicates that it will be a large shift in your life. This could be a move or a change of career, etc. In your dream you are running from the mamba which suggests you are resisting this change – perhaps because it frightens you – but my experience is that it’s best not to resist these changes. If the mamba bit you it would suggest that there is some sort of ‘poison’ you need to transmute – ie: you may need to focus on improving your health or your habits.

  11. Hi! I stumbled across this in search of answers to why I might have seen so many snakes recently. I live in Alabama, and know there are a lot of snakes here. However, in the 9 years I’ve lived here, I have only seen a couple slither across the road at times. But within the last 2 months, I have seen (and killed) 3 snakes, 2 within the last 2 weeks. They have all been different kinds too. My son was bit by a snake in our yard about 2 years ago, and don’t remember any change that year as a result of that incident. But I am intrigued if you think that something might happen since I have encountered 3 within such a short time of each other.

    • Three snakes is a lot – even for me and I live in the African bush! I would say that change of some sort is definitely on it’s way – and 3 is a powerful number too! If there is something that is causing you anxiety or problems in life – you job, partner, etc – the snakes might be encouraging you to ‘shed’ this now. However, this may be about inner change – a ‘shedding’ of bad habits or behaviors and not necessarily an outward, physical change. Be honest with yourself about what changes you might need to make in your life and embrace these changes – these are usually things that no longer help you and are usually holding you back in some way. Snakes can also symbolize the transmutation of poisons – which usually means something to do with our health – so it might be time to do a cleanse or a detox of some sort.

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