Soothe Your Sore Throat the Natural Way

Rose Scented Geranium

It smells absolutely heavenly, is easy to grow from a cutting and is an absolute miracle cure for sore throats!

Recently my whole family came down with the flu, passing it from one person to the next. My daughter and husband were suffering from sore throats as result and I’m always loathe to give my daughter any kind of pharmaceuticals, so I added Rose Scented Geranium tea to her milk that night. I had read that it was good for sore throats and it certainly seemed to soothe her enough that she was able to fall asleep.

The next day I made my husband some too in the hopes that it would soothe his discomfort (and his mood!)It did both – the smell of Rose Scented Geranium has a wonderful calming affect on the body and a few hours later he came and asked me for some more tea. I was surprised because he usually doesn’t like my herbal teas. But, he said, a few minutes after he’d finished the tea he noticed that the pain in his throat was completely gone.

So, when I got a sore throat a few days later, I knew exactly what to do. I made myself the tea using about three large leaves steeped in hot water with a dash of honey. The flavour of the leaves combined with the honey is also very pleasing and easy to drink.

My husband was absolutely right, a few minutes after finishing the tea I noticed that my throat felt absolutely fine. This wonderful state lasted a few hours and then it was time for some more.

So, the next time you come down with a sore throat, try a natural alternative and make yourself some Rose Geranium Scented tea – works like a charm!

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