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The New York Times published an article recently titled “Grandma’s Grow Gold in Swaziland”.

The article, written by Lydia Polgreen, describes how grandmother, Khathazile, took in her 11 orphaned grandchildren and grows marijuana to feed, clothe and keep them in school.

 ““Without weed, we would be starving,” explained Khathazile, who asked that only her middle name be used.”

 Seeing as how cannabis is finally being recognised for its medicinal properties it’s interesting to see how it continues to even help those who are growing it.

For an enlightening perspective on how cannabis is helping indigent women and children in Southern Africa, read the following article:


6 thoughts on “Home Grown Industries

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  2. If I have a family that has cancer an I know how to cannabis oil is it illegal for me to make the oil at my own house an give it to he or her that has cancer in durban if it’s is illegal what do I do or were do I go to buy the cannabis oil

    • Unfortunately it is still illegal – however, if you are careful it is not hard to buy the plant material to make the oil. There are people who sell the oil but rather ask around rather than go via email or online adverts. Word-of-mouth is a much more reliable way of obtaining the oil.

  3. My mom had stage 4 breast cancer and all the pills she drank caused her to block up completely. The hospital could not get her to eat and shortly after that her kidneys started to fail I got some Hemp oil from a friend and gave her a healthy dosage over a period of two days. The next morning she came walking down the stairs, her color was back en she ate like a healthy piglet. She gained all her weight back in one month and was her old self. The cancer was still noticed on the scans, but no new cancer dots was discovered in that year. She went to visit my sister in July and booked herself into an old age home in August, who then took away the Hemp oil due to the fact that it was not a medical approved drug…needles to say, she died 3 months later. I pray that more people will grow and use this miracle plant.

    • I’m so sorry to hear your mother passed away. The hemp oil is amazing and it makes all the difference but ignorance from institutions is still a big problem. Thank you for sharing your story.

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