Making Cannabis Oil in South Africa

Making Cannabis Oil in South Africa


For the updated recipe go to: 

The following is exactly how I made the Cannabis oil that successfully cured my breast cancer. I’m putting it out there in the hopes that others might be brave enough to try this amazing oil. Please note that the following is just a guideline of how I made it and should not be considered the only way to do it–obviously!


First things first, Cannabis is highly illegal in South Africa, so proceed with care. Procuring your plant matter is the most dangerous part of this whole process, so please be careful. Having said this, our climate is very conducive to growing cannabis and it’s not hard to find for those who are looking.

Which Strain to Use….?

The better quality plant you use the better quality and quantity of oil you will be able to get.

I used an outdoor Swazi variety -a strain grown in Swaziland, often by elderly grandmothers.

(For more on this go to: )

I also found that when I used what is known as “crush” (the leftovers at the bottom of the bag) it was not only cheaper but also less work pulling out storks and yielded lots more oil, so don’t be scared to ask for this.

How Much

I bought “5L” of  outdoor Swazi – a 5L is how they measure out the cannabis; they use a 5L ice-cream container to measure out the weed and put it into separate bags. It averages out to about 500gm but it’s far from an exact measurement.

A 5L container could yield anything between 30mlto 60ml depending on the quality of the plant.

NOTE: Outdoor cannabis is generally harvested from about May. So, it’s cheaper and easier to get hold of it from May until November and then it becomes very hard. It’s better to buy in bulk when its available and make as much oil as you can so you don’t have to worry about facing a shortage.

Which Solvent?

I bought rubbing alcohol (91%) from Dis-Chem Pharmacy. It costs about R40 per 500ml. You can also ask your pharmacist for isopropyl alcohol but it’s about R20 more expensive per 500ml.

I bought 6L of alcohol for 500gm of weed. Don’t worry about anyone getting too suspicious about you buying that amount of rubbing/isopropyl alcohol – fortunately it’s used for lots of legal stuff too!

Important: Surgical spirits are not the same as rubbing alcohol – don’t make that mistake!

Making the Oil

Step 1: First I pulled all the big stalks off the plant and threw those away.

Step 2: I soaked the plant matter in alcohol overnight – it became extremely green as it even pulls out the chlorophyll.

Make sure you don’t use up all your alcohol; you’ll need to keep 500ml to clean up after yourself.

Step3: I then strained the alcohol and plant matter through a thick stocking into a large pot. This is why taking the stalks out is important, they tend to wreak havoc on your hands and the stockings. Make sure there’s no plant matter left in the strained alcohol.

Step 4: I double-boiled the oil in water in an electric frying pan –like melting chocolate. This way I could ensure the temperature stayed around the 100C mark and didn’t overheat it and destroy any of the THC or cannabinoids.

The smell is quite overpowering – mostly from the alcohol fumes, so I made sure I had good ventilation where I was cooking and had incense handy for the neighbours’ benefit!

It took all day and I had to keep an eye on it so that the level of the water in the double-boil didn’t drop too low.

Step 5: When the level of the oil got really low, I moved it to a smaller pot and used some of the spare alcohol to wash the big pot out. I poured this alcohol into the little pot too.

I then boiled the alcohol down until it became thick.

Step 6: I allowed it to cool to check that all the alcohol has been boiled off and once it cooled down the look and consistency resembled Marmite.

Sometimes when I made it, and I don’t know why this happened, there would be a liquid trapped beneath the cooled oil. When this happened, all I did was pierce the cold oil and gently poured the liquid out – I made the mistake of leaving it in once and it was revolting!

Step 7: After this I re-heated the oil and once warm I sucked it up into syringes and then plugged the syringe with wax by pushing the nib into a candle. (To undo this I simply dipped the nib of the syringe into hot water and then very gently pushed the wax out).

Step 8: I mixed the left over oil in the pot with heated olive oil; the olive oil picked up the cannabis oil and I used it in my home-made body balm which I applied directly to the affected area- I could also have used it in food if I wanted to.

I kept my open syringe in a mug in the fridge and it lasted forever. I found the oil would leak out of the syringe and made a bit of a mess but in the mug it remained contained and when I was finished with the syringe I used olive oil to pick up the cannabis oil at the bottom of the mug – waste not want not!

And that’s it, really easy and amazingly effective –enjoy!

For more information on Cannabis oil in South Africa go to:

For information on dosage go to:

* Cannabis Oil and Me

Time to Legalize Cannabis (

Cannabis Salve, Cannabinoids and possibly other healing Effective (and Totally Non-High-Bestowing) Medicated Balms (

84 thoughts on “Making Cannabis Oil in South Africa

  1. Reblogged this on and commented:
    A practical how-to for making cannabis oil. If you think that cannabis is only used by loser stoners – check out the ‘Related Articles’ section at the end of the post for an eye-opener.

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  3. i have tried something very much the same, only i soak the matter for about 3 days and the matter is 1st crushed into a powder, the more powdery the better. i will also do 2 mixes. 3 days soak then then sort that stuff out, then do it again with the left over matter and this time you will get a more pollin type of resin, a mix of resin and pollin, both are good and both are slightly different

    • Thank you so much for sharing that information. I crushed it the first time and I got a lot of oil, but the Rick Simpson video said we shouldn’t touch it too much as it would remove the THC, so we just removed the storks after that. But now that you’ve said you’ve also had good results with crushing it, I’ll definitely try again and see. Thank you for the tip about re-soaking the plant matter, I’m keen to try it and I’ll update the blog once I have. Thanks again for taking the time to share your information – much appreciated!

  4. I wouldnt touch the matter with your hands (when crushing it) as that would remove some of the thc, plastic will also remove it, i.e dont keep it in plastic baggies, only glass (if you want to keep it fresh for a long time, in a glass container in the freezer).
    use a pestle and mortar.
    thanks for the blog…hope you are feeling better

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  6. There is a bit of CBD left in those stalks and stems, too! I use a CO2 extraction on the stalks to pull out the rest of the yummy goodness that would normally get tossed.

    • One of the things I love most about this blog is that people are able to share their different experiences with making the oil – I plan on trying everyone’s suggestions the next time I make the oil for myself. Every bit of information is valuable – so thank you very much!

      • Thanking everyone for much useful info, I am planning to extract soon (swazi) and found all my answers here, just one question comes to mind – would it be beneficial to run a hand blender into the soaking mix to help get more extraction, as the mix is going to be filtered anyway before reduction ?

      • I would not put anything into the mix once you have added the alcohol, the alcohol will became very sticky with thc and anything you put in it will be covered with thc, so you will be wasting the end product.
        but get the green as powered as possible before adding to the alcohol (so try either crush it as fine as possible or run it all through the finest mesh you can find).
        once all mixed up dont stir with anything like a spoon , just turn the bottle like twice a day, the alcohol will do its work for you.
        wait about 3 days (when liquid is dark) before processing it
        this is my method however

  7. I have since made about 10ml of oil, I threw everything (whole heads including stalks seeds etc . . ) into a cylindrical vase and ground it into powder using a hand blender, this I soaked in 91% for 5 days to be sure of extraction then used a coffee filter which I rinsed the residue through with a bit of alcohol and simmered it down to oil

  8. thank you thank you thank you and god bless you
    im from durban and my gran has cancer now, iv read alot on cannabis oil helping but every site is american and not so practical for me. this is just what i needed. feel so positive right now
    love and light

  9. I’m glad I found your blog because this information is going to be of value to others, with much appreciation. I have known and know of many with cancer and to know that this could help gives them much hope. Thank you so much as I will definitely be making this. 🙂

    • Yes, I can only say “AMEN” to Neddy, that is exactly how I feel! Everything I read and watched was from America, and now everything is clear to me! Thank you Kelzzy!

  10. I`m on the verge of try making my own and first ever badge of Hemp oil. But wondering if there is`nt a place in South Africa where I could buy the ready made end product. I have been diagnosed with Mesothelioma (Asbestos related Lung Cancer) on the 26 March 2010 and receiving currently chemotherapy for the third time. I`ts very expensive to get to Kimberley every time I have to receive a chemo coarse. I`m residing in (the once Blue Asbestos little town) Prieska in the Northern Cape Province, South Africa.The town is situated 230 kms from Kimberley ; 720 kms from Johannesburg ; 845 kms from Cape Town and 680 kms from Port Elizabeth. That`s the reason why I`m asking for a place near near Prieska where I could buy the ready made product.

  11. Thank you for the info I hope I knew about this a long time ago. I’ve lost 8 people already in my family 6 because of cancer & 2 because of HIV. But its not too late I’m gonna use it as well I hope I’ll get excellent results

  12. Can someone please help me aquire a 5l? I’m in Pta. My wife have just been diagnosed and would like to try this. If anyone knows where in the moot area I could get some it would be greatly appreciated.

  13. Hi

    Thanks for sharing this valuable information.
    However I would just like to point out one or two things in the interest of public health and safety.
    Firstly – Denatured/Rubbing alcohol is toxic and leaves a residual in the oil which is toxic and carcinogenic.
    A better choice is reagent grade IPA 99.9% which will fully evaporate and leave no residue.
    This can usually be gotten from the local pharmacy in South Africa.
    Still Better would be Food Grade Ethanol at 95% – also obtainable from the pharmacy in small quantities in South Africa.
    Ask for Medicinal Use Alcohol for ingestion.

    Secondly and perhaps equally important is the choice of source material. I would not recommend anything grown in the homelands of South Africa for medicine for various reasons.
    1. Poor Groundwater – leaving traces of all sorts of nasty things in the plants
    2. Poor farming practices – leaving traces of all sorts of nasty things in the plants
    3. Poor Quality – low quality material will always produce low quality medicine.

    I suggest you either grow your own or find a local who already does.

    Thanks Again for this contribution – its amazing that people are spreading this information.



    • hi there

      where can i get 99% isopropyl?

      i live in port elizabeth and im looking for 99%iso ? not bulk , just 500ml or 1l bottles for now?
      would you be able to tell me what stores i can try at ??

      would be a great help

      many thanks

      • Hi,
        Have a look online for any laboratory suppliers in your area – they usually sell it in bulk for cheaper.Try the university too and see if you can’t find out where they get theirs from? If you don’t come right, try at a pharmacy – ask for isopropyl – they normally have it for cleaning things, etc in 500 ml bottles but it’s more expensive. If you really don’t come right, you can also use the coconut oil method – let me know and I’ll send it to you.

  14. where did you buy Rick simpson oil ? My mum has lung and bones cancer. She doesn’t walk , bacause of destroyed spine. Please help me.

  15. My Father has been fighting cancer for almost 8 years now. He just had a brain tumor removed but they could not remove it all, his been told to proceed with Radium treatment to shrink what is left.. He also has tumors on his lungs, the biggest being close to 2cm in size. He is desperate and will most likely be willing to try this oil. If anyone can assist in getting me the finished product, I would be greatly thankful. I would even try making myself.. Please if anyone has good quality raw product.

  16. Hi there

    Please advise if cannabis oil can be used on Lupus. My daughter has Lupus but only the following
    * Flaring of the Hands
    * Severe Headaches
    * Joint Pain
    * Tiredness and Fatigue
    * Mouth Sores




    • Hi Dalip
      I have a friend who is taking the oil for Lupus and is having great results. She’s on a very small daily dose (She takes a grain of rice size of oil before she goes to bed). After 6 months her doctor was so happy with her results he took her off one course of medication and is currently weaning her off other meds. It also has powerful anti-inflammatory properties which help could help with the headaches and joint pain.

    • here is a link which might help you a bit more

      The Endocannabinoid Deficiency Foundation
      many diseases are caused by a lack of cannabinoids on the endocannabinoid system,
      lupus may or may not be one of them but cannabinoids will help some of the symptoms.

  17. Hi there

    I desperately want to make cannabis/Rick Simpson Oil

    Are there ways and loop holes to protect me if I want to grow marijuana indoors in south africa for medical purposes?

    Cannabis oil is a miracle cure that everybody must have the right to access without persecution.

    kind regards


    • Hi,
      Cannabis oil is still not recognized as medicinal in South Africa and so is still highly illegal. If you grow for yourself be careful but growing for yourself is a good way of ensuring you use quality plant material.

  18. hi there

    does anyone know a place i can get 99% isopropyl alcohol ?
    500ml or 1l bottles..
    chain stores or a specific store (i live in port elizabeth, south africa)

    reason for asking is that i cannot find anything on the net and i dont really want to use 91% rubbing alcohol as i have read that it contains some substances that dont evaporate and can be toxic , and ethanol leaves a bi product that is poisonous !!

    also i will be using high grade bud, and we all know that high grade is abit more pricey , so i need the strongest solvent to ensure i get the best yeild for my money !!!

    if anyone can help me i will be very grateful
    here is my email address if you would like to contact me directly …

    many thanks and god bless

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    • I have a friend who uses it mixed with coconut oil. She said she felt the benefits pretty quickly when she started. After a few weeks on the oil she was taken off one course of her meds and the doctor recommended weaning her off another course at the same time. She is now completely off all her pain meds and looks better than ever. She’s been taking it for over a year now and she says she’s still noticing benefits but they accumulate over time rather than happening overnight.

  20. Hi, about 2 years ago many of my friends started getting diagnosed with cancer, being a law abiding citizen I was absolutely petrified of being caught buying weed, I’m a great believer in if you can’t do the time don’t do the crime. However to just stand by and watch your loved ones waste away is a crime in itself, so I aggressively started doing research and boy were my eyes opened, I am a hardcore advocate for the legalisation of cannabis now. Long story short, I have tried extraction with many different solutions, first and foremost water, the safest liquid know to man. I used bottled spring water, with water extraction you only extract around 20-30 % of the thc, this is a guess, it still has an effect on you but you need to take larger doses.

    Next I used fortifying spirits used to fortify port etc, 92% alcohol. This extracted way more and is very potent, however I’m still searching for a happy medium where one can avoid using harsh chemicals for obvious reasons.

    Lastly I decarbed some weed for 1.5 hrs, placed in mason jar (canning jar from consol ) and topped up with olive oil, just enough oil to cover product then double boiled for 3 hours , stirring every hour, allowed to cool overnight then double boiled again for 3 hours, cooled, strained and left to settle behind the deep freeze as it’s warm there for 24 hours. You need only 3-4 drops of oil for it to have an effect, I once tried 12 drops before letting my mother use it for her pain and i slept for 10 hours straight, so please start slow and work your way up. Hope this helps. Thanks for the blog, always cool to read up on what people are trying. Big love.

    • I’m very keen to try the olive oil technique as I also would prefer a healthier solvent so I really appreciate you taking the time to share your experience here.Thank you!

      • Hi Kelly’s, yes a healthy solventless extraction is first prize in my Kingdom. I have spent so much money on product only to find a less than desired result, but we will persevere.

        Regarding the olive oil method, it’s a organic approach, but please bear in mind the quality of the olive oil must be top shelf extra Virgin cold pressed. Also please take care when handling during the process as oil becomes extremely hot. Decarbing in my opinion is paramount when one does a heat infusion, you can Google the method anD use a Google converter to convert degrees F to degrees Celsius. In my experience 115 degree Celsius pre heated oven for 1.5 hours works well , line your Pyrex dish with heavy duty foil so that product doesn’t burn against hot glass. Also cover the dish with foil , you will find that decarbing will have a very strong odour so if you don’t have privacy everyone will know what you are doing. Alternatively for a more natural approach you can make Kana-Bosm, the biblical anointing oil, place grinder product in mason jar fill with olive oil and leave in window sill in sun light for 6 weeks, filter through coffee filter, this takes approximately 48 hours for a half litre of oil as it drips very slowly. Good luck and big love.

  21. Neels de Waal 70 years old male. Recently had an op removing a parotis gland which had malignant cells in it. I have a supply of oil but what would you recommend as a dosage to be used. Much appreciated. Thanks

    • Hi Neels,
      I would recommend you start with a grain of rice sized drop of oil before bedtime.As the cells were found in the mouth, I would recommend you rub the oil directly onto your gums and let it stay in the mouth area for a bit- if the taste is too unpleasant take some raw honey to kill the taste (the honey also helps your body to better absorb the oil). After a week increase this to one and a half grains of rice. (Increase your dose on a night when you can sleep in the next morning as it will make you feel a bit drowsy in the beginning.) After another week increase it to 2 grains of rice before bedtime. This should be enough if you are taking it every night, however you can go up to 3 grains of rice if you feel you can handle it.
      The oil makes your mouth very dry and as you have already had one parotid gland removed make sure you have water next to your bed to help keep your mouth and throat wet. (Water! Not Coke, soda, coffee, juice, milk, etc – your body needs the water to help flush out the toxins.)
      I’ve put a link below to different dosage methods and suggestions – it also covers the side affects of the oil, etc – have a read and please feel free to ask me if you have any questions.

  22. Hi all. my dad’s prostate has spread to the spine etc. will this help? if i get the solvebt at dischem will i not be incriminating myself somehiw. Please i need help can someone guide me

    • Hi Buhle, I’m sorry to hear about your dad. You wont be incriminating yourself if you ask for isopropyle alcohol – people use it for lots of things but mostly for cleaning and sterilising equipment. I’ve never been asked what we need it for but if anyone asks just tell them you have a germ phobia and you like things to be extra clean.

    • Hi – it doesn’t really matter. If it’s wet you might get water in the oil as you boil the solvent off. This water gets trapped under the oil and doesn’t evaporate. When this has happened to me I’ve waited for the oil to cool down then pricked the oil and literally poured out the water, then reheated it on low for a while to be safe.

  23. Are you able to extract the same amount of THC with the coconut oil as you would have with the Isopropyl Alcohol? Is the Isopropyl alcohol safe to use?

    • Hi Wendy – I’m not sure off the potency of THC with other methods but I do know that the coconut oil method is less concentrated because of the coconut oil. This is good for people who are taking it for long term, chronic conditions like lupus, Crohn’s Disease or Depression. The Isopropyl alcohol is a contentious issue and not everyone is comfortable using it as a solvent. For those people I offer a coconut oil recipe which I can email you. I personally like using isopropyl – it extracts the chlorophyll like nothing else and the concentration of THC and CBD’s is excellent. However, I do caution people to ensure they have cooked off ALL the alcohol to ensure safety but to be honest even if there were traces left in the oil, with the small amounts you are taking, it would be minuscule and highly unlikely to cause any problems. It’s a personal choice but if you would like the coconut oil recipe let me know and I’ll send it through to you.

    • ethanol is far far better and safer, iso has some odd things in it and must be fully evaporated before any use but after using ethanol I will not be going back to iso.
      I pretty much always make butter but my next will be coconut oil and olive oil.
      remember any kind of heating will turn thc into thca (thca is the chemical which gets you high).
      you can also just do juicing which is blending up the herb and drinking it, this has no high and a much better spectrum of cannabinoids, or simply eat the herb. you can store your herb for years in a airtight glass jar in the freezer.
      Indians make a cannabis milk drink which is very popular and easy to make.

  24. Feels like forever and a day since I was last year.
    Good to see you are still doing well.
    Research is suggesting that for breast cancer which is estrogen driven a 3:1 CBD:THC may be the best to start with.
    But if not, our local landrace strains are of good enough quality.
    Fortunately, the harvest is upon us and it is possible to get 1kg of good Swazi for about R7000.
    I have also heard positive stories about women using Turkey Tail Mushroom Extract in conjunction with using Cannabis Oil.
    Keep on with the good work Kelly.

  25. Hi Kelly, what will be the effect where I also take 2drops of frankincense oil on a Tspoon of coconut oil every morning, will it work against the cannabis dose of 3drops I am using? Also in making my own oil using Isopropyl, can I over evaporate in wanting to get all the alcohol out? How do one then go about getting the end product”marmite”appearance back to an easy liquid flowing.
    Lastly nothing gets mentioned about any sort of special healthy food diet to follow or does it not really matter.

    • Hi Neels – frankincense is an excellent essential oil for overall health and especially for cancer. It won’t interact negatively with the cannabis oil, just make sure your essential oil is made for internal ingestion as most aren’t.

  26. Hi Kelly, does not look as if you got my previously sent e-mail. How does one get the thick “marmite ” textured oil into a more flowing liquid form. Is there any other oil to be used to dilute?

    • Hi Neels
      Sorry for the delayed response _ I’ve been in bed all week with the flu. You can diluteit into warm coconut oi!l- coconut oil never goes off which is one big benefit. You could also uyse olive oil in the same way- warm the oil and stir in the cannabis oil. The down side to coconut oil is that it goes solid but this can also be useful.

  27. Greetings good people

    I am also grateful that the knowledge that is given to us by nature is not only being profitable to the people who have acquired it but is now available to the next person to benefit as well. This herb I believe exists to benefit all humankind physically and other wise and not using it would be a waste of natures efforts. Hopefully with a joint effort like this blog herb could lead us in to a better and more sustainable future. I live in swaziland where the herb flourishes wonderfully and is grown through out the year, none the less it is still held captive as a drug which is called ‘Dagga’ which is all propaganda at its highest form and brainwash to say the least.
    We will always love and cultivate our herb friend no matter what the situation though. Anyone looking for herb supply can email me at

  28. well in Swaziland at the moment you can get swazi grade for less than E6 000 per KG. The oil is also good for helping one recover from a stroke

    • I”m glad you found it useful! I don’t sift my plant material first, I just chop it all up finely and then when it comes to taking th plant material out again I use a stocking.

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